Ali was one of the three secondary villains of the film Friday the 13th Part III.

He is Jason Voorhees' 22nd victim.


Early lifeEdit

Little is known of Ali before his encounters with Jason, but it is known that he was a leader of a group of bikers, and two of his members were Loco and Fox.[1]

Tough guyEdit

In the summer of 1984, Ali, Loco, and Fox stop at a small convenience store in Crystal Lake. Loco and Ali held Shelly hostage while Fox was making trouble for Vera. When she has Shelly's thrown wallet she wants Vera to ask her politely for the wallet back with a word "Ma'am", so Vera does. Ali and Loco let go of Shelly. While he and Vera get ready to leave, Ali was outside in front of the store drinking a can of beer as he sees Shelly and Vera inside the car. When Shelly turns the car on, Ali starts smashing the windshield of a car that Shelly was driving. However, Shelly runs over the gangs' motorcycles, causing Ali to fume and shout in anger while Vera praises Shelly as they drive away.

3-12-ali-arm-cut-face-smashed1 528 poster

Ali´s last moments before his death at the hands of Jason Voorhees

The bikers stop at Higgins Haven. Ali goes to a barn across from Chris' house and discovers Loco dead. When he sees Jason jumping down he grabs a machete. Jason continues his scope out of the barn, only to have Ali appear and start attacking him with a machete. Jason counterattacks by hitting Ali with a wrench. While Jason is trying to kill Chris, she runs into the barn. She is suddenly met by Ali, who survived the earlier fight. Jason turns his attention to Ali, chopping his right hand off and repeatedly hacked him to death with a machete. Chris scans her surroundings and finds an axe which she then grabs and incapacitates Jason with. An alternate ending had Ali surviving; Chris opens the door to find Jason, but is scared by Ali. They both get away. Soon after, the paramedics arrive, only to never find Jason's body. [2]

Ali makes a cameo in the Virtual Cabin in Friday The 13th The Game.


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