"Then he's still there..."
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Alice L. Hardy[1][2] is the original hero and main protagonist of Friday the 13th.

Alice was a budding artist and one of the counselors hired at Camp Crystal Lake in 1979. Alice was the killer of Pamela Voorhees and the sole survivor of her killing spree in 1979, and was the first assassination victim of Pamela's vengeful son Jason Voorhees.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Camp Crystal Lake[edit | edit source]

Alice Hardy was one of seven camp counselors hired by Steve Christy to oversee renovation and repairs at Camp Crystal Lake in 1979.

Hailing from California and studying to be an artist with a minor in Psychology, Alice abandoned her previous life as well as her relationship with another man to help out Steve Christy. She was shown to still be practicing art with sketches of Steve that summer.

Steve and Alice became involved in their own romantic affair - one that made Alice uneasy as she still had problems to deal with back home. Steve elected to take it slow with the romance; requesting that Alice put in a couple of weeks at the camp and if she found the work unsatisfactory, she could be free to resign, as well as end the relationship amicably.

In June of 1979, Alice befriended several other counselors that Steve had hired to refurbish the campground; among them, Jack Burrell, Marcie Stanler, Ned Rubenstein, Bill Brown and Brenda Jones.

When Steve left the camp to go into town, Alice continued working, cleaning up the main cabin, Comanche Lodge.

Taking a break, the group went down to Crystal Lake to go swimming. Ned Rubenstein, ever the prankster, staged a fake drowning episode and Alice and the others dived into the lake to rescue him. Though angered by the stunt, Alice tried to find the humor in it and put the matter out of her mind. She went back to her cabin to take a shower. It was then that she spotted a snake slithering across the floor. She called for help, but the other counselors were just as frightened by the snake as she was. It was Bill who finally resolved the matter by chopping it into three pieces with a machete.

A short time later, a motorcycle policeman came to Camp Crystal Lake saying that a doomsayer known around town as Crazy Ralph was wanted for disturbing the peace and was spotted in the area. Alice had been cleaning the mess hall when Crazy Ralph emerged from the pantry. Alice screamed as the others came running to see what was the matter. Ralph warned them all that the camp was cursed, and that he said he was ordered by God to come to Camp Crystal Lake to warn the counselors that they are doomed if they do not evacuate immediately. As they stood in disbelief, the old man left the cabin, got on his bicycle and rode off.

As evening came upon them, a terrible thunderstorm erupted, forcing Alice, Bill and Brenda to remain in the main cabin (Jack, Marcie, and Ned were elsewhere).

During this time, Alice began to develop a fondness for Bill. She complimented him on his ability to play the guitar. To while away the hours, Brenda suggested playing Monopoly. Alice commented that she hated Monopoly, but Brenda added some spice to the idea by recommending her own version of the game. The three of them drank beer, smoked some marijuana and played the game. Alice did fairly well for herself; as some time later Bill was nearly nude, Brenda was in her underwear, and Alice remained fully clothed. She landed on another player's property and was about to remove her shirt when the other two elected to call it quits. A short time later, Alice heard the sounds of a woman screaming. So she and Bill went out into the rain to see what was going on when they noticed the lights on the archery range suddenly turning on, then turning off with no explanation.

Alice went to check on Brenda and found an axe lying in her bed. Confused, they tried to get help. When they attempted to call for help, they discovered that the phone lines to the camp had been cut. The two then went to Ned Rubenstein's truck, but couldn't get it to start. Panicking, she screamed that she was going to walk to town. Bill overruled this, moreso on the basis there must be some nasty prank cooked up by someone, likely Ned, but also the concern that if a killer was out there, he could easily have killed Alice walking outside, or that since they were miles from civilization, it would have been easy for Alice to get lost in the backcountry, or succumb to hypothermia from prolonged exposure to the storm. Bill instead recommended they stay put in the main lodge until Steve's return, which was accepted by Alice. As they headed there, the electricity went out. While Bill went to check on the generator shed, Alice returned to the Comanche Lodge to get some rest. She awakened a short while later, but Bill had yet to return.

She went to the generator building where she found Bill's body pinned to the door with several arrows. Screaming in terror, she raced back to the lodge. She blocked the main door with everything she could, but as Alice passed the window, she saw Brenda's corpse come crashing through the glass.

She then ran outside into the rain where she saw the headlights of an approaching jeep. She said to herself that Steve must have returned. However, instead she saw a middle-aged woman emerge from the vehicle. When Alice asked who this strange woman was, she politely introduced herself as Mrs. Voorhees - a friend of the Christys. Alice tried to explain how everyone in the camp was dead and they went back into the main cabin. Pamela Voorhees gasped as she saw Brenda's broken body lying in a heap on the floor. She then went on to tell her own tale of woe. She told Alice about her son Jason who drowned in Camp Crystal Lake back in 1957. The camp counselors charged with watching over him were elsewhere making love while her son died. As the older woman's voice grew more intense, Alice quickly realized that this was the person responsible for killing Bill, Brenda and the others in cold blood without showing any remorse. Blaming all camp counselors for her son's tragic demise, Mrs. Voorhees screamed "Look what you did to him!" and attacked Alice with a hunting knife.

Alice fought back and managed to get away from the insane woman, but Mrs. Voorhees doggedly kept up with her. She chased Alice down to the shore of the lake where Alice fought against her with a rowing oar. Mrs. Voorhees picked up the machete that Bill had used earlier and came at her, but as they struggled against each other, the machete fell to the ground. Alice then picked it up, ran forward and angrily beheaded Mrs. Voorhees. Mentally and physically exhausted, she wanted nothing more than to get away from the camp site. She climbed into a canoe and rowed out into the middle of the lake where she fell asleep.

Early the following morning, a squad car pulled up to the camp, and police officers Sergeant Sgt. Tierney and Officer Dorf emerged, calling to Alice. Just as she was about to be rescued, Jason Voorhees emerged from his watery grave and pulled Alice under the water. However, she then awoke in a hospital bed, realizing it was only a nightmare. Tierney interviewed Alice about her experiences, saying that she fell overboard and two of his men rescued her before she drowned or contracted hypothermia. He also told her everyone at the camp was dead, and that it was traced to Mrs. Voorhees, whom she killed in self-defense. When Alice told him about the boy in the lake. Tierney, confused, told her that they did not find any boy out on Crystal Lake. Alice, convinced that what she had seen was true said, "Then he's still there...".

Alice eventually recovered from this trauma and returned to her home in the town of Crystal Lake.

Friday the 13th Part 2[edit | edit source]

Alice's death at the hands of Jason Voorhees

The decomposing corpse of Alice along with the body of Terry McCarthy at Jason's shack

Two months later, Jason Voorhees, having somehow survived his 1957 drowning, broke into her house. Having kept his mother's rotting head as a souvenir, he placed it inside of Alice's refrigerator.

When Alice opened the door, she saw the head and screamed. Jason came up behind her and stabbed her in the temple with an ice pick, killing her. He then dragged her body back to his private shack in the middle of the woods at Camp Crystal Lake. Now a mummified corpse with the ice pick still in her skull, her body could forever remain in the shack with Pamela's head along with Terry McCarthy's and Deputy Winslow's corpses.

Alternate versions[edit | edit source]

The camp counselor from the opening of the Friday the 13th remake.

The 2009 reboot of the series opens in 1979 and features Alice being attacked by Pamela, her fellow counselors having been killed earlier.

Blamed by the hysterical Pamela for the drowning of her son Jason, the counselor decapitates the mad woman with a machete when Pamela tries to attack her. With Pamela dead, the counselor drops the machete and runs off into the stormy night in search of aid.

It is not mentioned whether Jason Voorhees, who had witnessed the entire incident, killed her as he'd done to Alice in the original Friday the 13th series.

This counselor, portrayed by Stephanie Rhodes, is never given a name, so whether or not it is meant to be Alice is unconfirmed.[3]

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  • Alice along with Pamela Roberts are the only leading females who had their final confrontations with someone other than Jason.
  • Kill Number: #11; Alice was the first ever victim of Jason Voorhees. In an ironic twist, Pamela's killing spree was out of craziness for the apparent loss of Jason which ended up costing her her life, and Jason's murder of Alice had had the most logical reason for doing so: to avenge the killing of his mother.
  • The character of Alice Hardy was created by director Sean S. Cunningham and writers Victor Miller and Ron Kurz.
  • Alice Hardy is the first on-screen murder victim of Jason Voorhees. She is the tenth murder victim in the series (eleventh if one counts Mrs. Voorhees). She is the eighth and final victim of the main crew of Camp Crystal Lake employees of 1979 (not counting Annie who never made it to the camp).
  • Making Friday the 13th: The Legend of Camp Blood implies that Alice was cheating on another man with Steve. However, she was never shown engaging in sex with anyone on screen. In an early script for the second film, Alice discovered she was pregnant, then tells her doctor she had sex with Steve Christy and Bill Brown prior to their deaths and could not determine who the baby belongs to, but in either case it has a posthumous father. The script ideas were both scrapped when it was determined it would have robbed Alice of her chaste status, as there was a fanon idea that virginity is needed to become the "final girl".
  • Adrienne King was stalked by an obsessed fan shortly after the release of Friday the 13th. The experience led her to temporarily retire from acting, though she did agree to return for Friday the 13th Part 2 provided that she would only play a minimal role in the film it means that her role in the frachise would continue but not as a minimal role.
  • Playing the role of Alice Hardy is Adrienne King's fifth film work and her fourth feature film work. It is her first credited work and her first work in the horror genre.
  • Alice is the only survivor of a Friday the 13th film to return and be killed.
  • In the comic book Friday the 13th: Jason vs. Jason X, near the end, an android was named Alice. She revealed her name when somebody asked her.

    Alice's rotten corpse in The Game

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