Doctor Aloysius Bartholomew Wimmer [1] is a character in the film Jason X, in which he is portrayed by David Cronenberg.


In 2010, Wimmer arrives at the Crystal Lake Research Facility with Marcus and a quartet of military personnel in tow, soldiers who are to transport Jason Voorhees to another facility, one better equipped to examine him, under Wimmer's supervision. As he travels through the facility to Jason's cell with the soldiers, Wimmer is confronted by head researcher Rowan LaFontaine, who demands to know why he is so early to pick up Jason, who she has yet to cryogenically freeze and prepare for transport. Wimmer informs Rowan that he has gotten permission from the military to transport Jason alive and, after Rowan tells him of the risk this would involve and lives that would be endangered if Jason escapes, Wimmer coldly responds that he does not care before moving on, having Marcus reassure the distressed Rowan that he and his fellow soldiers will make sure Jason will not escape.


Wimmer being impaled by Jason.

Arriving at Jason's cell, Wimmer and the assembled soldiers are shocked to find Jason is gone, having killed a guard and put him in his place, covering the man with an old blanket. As Wimmer, Marcus and the soldiers gape at the dead soldier, Jason attacks them from behind. While Jason begins to kill the soldiers, Wimmer tried to escape, but Jason throws a metal pole impaling Wimmer from behind killing him.

He is Jason's 116th victim.





  • Cronenberg, a noted horror director of films such as Videodrome and The Fly, played the role as a favor to director James Isaac, who had done special effects to Cronenberg's own eXistenZ (1999).[2]


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