Amanda is a minor character the Friday the 13th reboot. She meets her demise when Jason Voorhees traps her in a sleeping bag and burns her to death.


Along with her boyfriend Richie, her college roommate and best friend, Whitney, her boyfriend Mike, and geeky Wade, Amanda goes hiking in the woods around Crystal Lake in 2008, looking for a patch of wild marijuana growing there.

As night falls, the group becomes lost and decides to set up camp. While around the campfire, Wade, after spotting some abandoned cabins nearby, tells everyone the story of Pamela Voorhees and her son Jason, who is said to still wander the woods.

When Whitney and her boyfriend Mike wander off, Wade starts telling Richie that he has figured out the mistake he made with the GPS and that the weed is about a mile away. Meanwhile, Amanda begins to strip down and lathers herself in baby oil in front of Richie (behind the oblivious Wade). Realizing what is going on, Wade hastily leaves Amanda and Richie alone (making mild jokes at them as he goes) and the two begin to have anal sex in their tent.

FRIDAY THE 13TH - (2009) Amanda's Death

FRIDAY THE 13TH - (2009) Amanda's Death


Amanda´s death at hands of Jason Vorhees.

While in the tent, Amanda senses someone outside and, fearing it is Wade watching them, forces Richie go see who it is. Now alone, Amanda is attacked by Jason Voorhees who cuts his way into the tent where he attacks and grabs her. Sealed in her sleeping bag, Amanda is hung from a tree over the campfire, her screams of pain bringing Richie, who had panicked after finding Wade's body, running back to the campsite. As he approaches to help her, he gets caught in a bear trap set by Jason. With Richie incapacitated, Amanda burns to death, her cooked body falling out of the sleeping bag seconds later.




  • She is the 2nd person to be killed by Reboot Jason. If this film is tied to the original then she would be Jason's 154th victim overall.
  • Her death won the Golden Chainsaw Award in Dead Meat’s "Friday the 13th (2009 Reboot)" kill count.