Amanda Shepard was a character in the film Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood, she's the widowed wife of John Shepard and the mother of Tina Shepard.

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A kind and loving woman, Amanda was abused by her husband John, which was witnessed by Tina on many occasions. Due to her husband's abusive behavior Tina's telekinetic powers were unleashed, resulting in his death. Years later, Amanda is doing the best she can to help Tina overcome her guilt and live a life free from institutions. Tina back to their home at Crystal Lake in the hopes that Dr. Crews will help Tina get better. Ironically, despite their turbulent marriage Amanda appeared to show no ill will or hate for her husband. When Tina cries over missing her father, Amanda empathically hugs her daughter and admits she missed him too. This means she may still love him or at least have forgiven him for the past or both

But she later finds out that Dr. Crews is only exploiting the poor girl's powers in the hopes of getting famous by purposely raising her stress levels. During her confrontation with the doctor, Tina takes off and the two try to find her. During their search, they encounter Jason Voorhees who chases them and impales Amanda with a brush axe after Dr. Crews uses her as a human shield. Her corpse would later be found by Tina Shepard.

She is the 66th victim of Jason Voorhees.

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