"We weren't doing anything, we were just --"
―Barry's last words, spoken to Pamela Voorhees[src]

Barry Jackson was a character who first appeared in Friday the 13th. He worked as a camp counselor at Camp Crystal Lake in the summer of 1957. He is notable for being the first victim of Pamela Voorhees. Barry was the boyfriend of fellow camp counselor, Claudette.


A counselor at Camp Crystal Lake alongside his girlfriend Claudette, Barry and Claudette were left in charge of young Jason Voorhees in 1957. Camp chef Pamela Voorhees, took him to the camp due to her inability to find anyone to look after him while she worked. [1]


Barry's death at the hands of Pamela Voorhees

After closing for a short period of time due to Jason's drowning, Camp Crystal Lake reopened and Barry and Claudette were hired as counselors. In 1958, while at a camp sing-a-long with Claudette, Barry convinced his lover to sneak off into the barn to have sex. Going upstairs, Barry and Claudette began to make out and undress. The couple was silently pursued by Pamela Voorhees. Trying to pull up his shorts and explain himself to his fellow employee, Barry was slashed in the stomach with a machete by Pamela, and then she slaughtered Claudette. Pamela was never apprehended for her slaying of the two teenagers and Camp Crystal Lake once again closed down.

Barry's Camp Crystal Lake shirt, bloodied knife hole and all, would eventually fall into the hands of wealthy Jason Voorhees fanatic Nathanial Morgas, who would place it among the other collectibles in his private museum.[2]


  • In the same film, a young woman named Annie hitches a ride to the newly reopened Camp Crystal Lake. During the ride, Enos briefly mentions the murders of Barry and Claudette as well as a series of other follies that befell the former owners of the camp in an effort to warn her of the possible dangers ahead.
  • In the script, Barry was listed as 'Boy' and Claudette as 'Girl'.
  • Barry was the one of the first victims to have been murdered onscreen in the Friday the 13th franchise. Claudette Hayes was the second of the two.
  • Willie Adams was one of the crew members for director Sean Cunningham. Due to a dearth of actors, he was cast as Barry.






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