The Baseball Bat is one of the weapons found in Friday the 13th: The Game.

It's arguably the best weapon to use if your objective is to stun, more than damage, Jason. It has a long reach and an almost guaranteed stun if it hits. If you are trying to escape, if you are running defense for other counselors and you are harassing Jason to keep him focused on you this is your go to weapon for stunning Jason. If your counselor's luck stat is high, the Baseball bat will be your weapon of choice.

Low luck counselors can still use the bat, of course, but they run a much higher risk of the weapon breaking after only one or two hits. The Baseball Bat also has a slow swing speed, so you will need to time your hits and make allowances for the slower attack speed.

Jenny and Chad, both of whom have very high luck, will consider this weapon as one of their best choices available. Teammates should consider arming them with this weapon if possible to maximize its potential.

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