• AdamDeanHall

    I am attempting to adopt the Friday the 13th Wiki site by gaining bureaucratic and administration rights. So far, I have already gained bureaucratic and administration rights to the following Wikis: Swamp Thing Wiki, Femme Fatales Wiki and War of the Worlds Wiki.

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  • TheJetJaguar

    During the scene in part 2 where Jason walks up to Alice's house and then proceeds to kill her, he is wearing a different outfit. Light blue jeans and a reddish flannel shirt.

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  • Kyle12ellis

    Friday the 13th

    January 28, 2019 by Kyle12ellis
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  • Infantisland

    My idea on a perfect Friday the 13th sequel

    Pick up the movie after he had escaped from the morgue at the beginning of Part IV. I think this would be a good choice because this movie has been deemed the best sequel of the franchise and it would be a perfect spot to jump off from. It will also please long time fans as it will feel like a Paramount Era Friday the 13th movie again and also please the young crowd who are obsessed with 80's culture (IT, Stranger Things etc) as the movie will be set in the 1984.

    Cast an actor that has the same build as Ted White and look as close to his version as possible, not only because it is picking up from the morgue scene of Part IV, but this version of the character is very popular with fans and has the or…

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  • Insainment

    Jason Videos

    April 13, 2018 by Insainment

    Jason's Facebook

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  • Pinkachu

    Hello! Im here with some exciting news for the game fans.

    Tomorrow at 11am PDT, FANDOM will be presenting a live stream of Friday the 13th: The Game gameplay. As you already know, that is the day Friday the 13th: The Game officially releases!

    We invite the Friday the 13th community to come join us on Facebook or our Twitch channel and chat with us! Be sure to 'Like" and follow us. Turn on the notifications if you want to stay informed of any time we go live. We have had some pretty cool events lately that you may have missed out on! You can also catch us on other social channels including YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.

    Anyone planning on checking it out? Let us know in the comment section below. I'll be hanging out in Facebook chat during th…

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  • Srhikuru

    I've been binge-watching F13 for a podcast, and also because I love the series. I browse here every so often to look at factoids and such, and I noticed something on the Timeline article that's on this page. According to it, Jason Lives takes place in 1990, and that Tommy Jarvis is 18 years old.(Kinda weird, but I'll bite.) Yet according to the page on A New Beginning, the film takes place in 1985, and that Tommy is 17.. So how did Tommy age once in five years?

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  • Armaxilump

    I need cast for World of Jetix, because is a new movie based on Jetix channel, with need you help to maked the real theater movie, but remember, you need created any pictures for World of Jetix. Follow into main things about plan:

    Released in June 17, 2018

    • Teaser Trailer in December 26, 2016
    • First Trailer in March 5, 2017
    • Second Trailer in August 11, 2017
    • Third Trailer in November 24, 2017
    • Fourth Trailer in Febuary 7, 2018
    • Fifth Trailer in May 22, 2018

    Something ratings ideas to N-15

    New new animated Jetix film to be released in 4D

    3 different television shows

    doing so more characters in Jetix

    Idea for Extended Franchise and Video Games

    Movie for American/Europe

    Once i finish the transcript for World of Jetix, with can maked for spin-offs and more plans…

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  • GoosebumpsGuy111701

    Since Vic was the one responsible for the death of Roy burn's son, Joey, Vic should have been the first one that Roy killed, as revenge. Instead it's really vauge about Vic's fate, and we can only assume that he was jailed for life, but this probably would have established how angry Roy is better.

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  • SlenderDev

    Hello, everyone. As you may have noticed, I've been working hard trying to keep the wiki in shape the past few months. I would just like to know if I can become an admin. I have always been a fan of Friday the 13th, and I want to help reclaim it's name as one of the best movie franchises in history. Throughout the recent days, I've talked with Wikia to see if I could become an admin, and they seem pretty positive. They told me I would need to get permission from this wiki's current administrator: DarkLantern.

    DarkLantern, I'm not saying that I'm going to replace you, but rather fill in for you when you're absent, as I said on your talk page. If you're ok with it, I will be the secondary admin of this wiki. If someone else wishes to become a…

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  • MGSolidSnake

    Hey, I'm new here. I gotta say I've seen all the Jason movies and read both Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash comics. But I'm confused about something.

    Jason X said that Jason was captured around 2008 cause they executed him for the first time on that year. But Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash: Nightmare Warriors, Jason was beheaded and Freddy absorbed him leaving nothing but his hockey mask. They left us with Jason's mother's voice at the end indicating that he'd come back, but how do you come back from that? But more importantly, how does Jason end up disappearing in FVJVA Part 2 and end up being captured in the Crystal Lake Facility? Did they just simply ignore Jason X?

    I think that FVJVA Part 2 should've ended with some tie to Jason X, like maybe after A…

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  • Friedfear

    this story begins where jason goes to hell left off , jason is dragged in to hell , and , upon landing in hell , is attacked by a trio of demons , which he promptly defeats , and he realizes where he's at , so he decides to travel to the palace of satan , and he fights alot of demons and damned humans along the way , the 1st of these enemies is private gurnley , who used to be a cop who beat any1 who had drugs on them , whether they were illegal or not , eventually , the people he beat rose up and mauled him to death , despite this , the death was seen as manslaughter by the authorities , jason defeats him by impaling him on a nearby stalagmite , the next enemy he fights is the torturemaster , a demon who's in charge of breaking the spirit…

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  • Gojirules54

    i got anger and vengance flowing through my veins i got smashed up , hacked up , and soiled brains i'm jason voorhees jason voorhees i got a machete as sharp as sharp can get and a hockey mask that's hard to have met

    teens must die teens must die teens must die teens must DIIIIIIIE

    we were all put on this earth to suffer we each have our own private pain we must pass this pain onto our brother a never ending cycle starts again

    you can't kill me you won't break me you can't kill me you won't break me

    chain me beat me cut me kick me whip me strip me burn me eat me

    you'll just make me angrierrrrrr

    i came to this land to get my revenge on all those who caused me grief

    i'm jason voorhees jason voorhees

    it all went so great for the moment but then i met…

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  • Gojirules54

    jason's song

    December 1, 2013 by Gojirules54

    Ahhh.. Now that the power of immortality is in my grasp , these people will never get me down no matter what they throw at me And you know While I was sitting on the toilet last night I thought up this little ditty and I thought you guys might wanna play it for me But anyways , I guess you furballs have never heard of me , my name is jason voorhees and i can out-fight, out-fuck , and out-kill any lame-ass motherfuckin' murderers cuz I am jason voorhees , and i come from beyond springwood , beyond ohio , and that's way past pennsylvania buddy and i come to this place with a mission , and that mission is to make these teenagers change their ways and give up on their teenage lifestyles and that means no more indoor drunken hangouts , or alcoh…

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  • Gcheung28

    Halloween is near and Friday the 13th will start playing on TVs again, but how about getting into the holiday spirit yourself by entering the Thinking Outside of the Boxman Halloween Sweepstakes?

    In time for Halloween, Bethesda Softworks has provided Wikia with a web-friendly 3D models for one of the game’s iconic villains, Boxman. Between now and October 31st, we want you to take these models as inspiration for creating your own terrifying costume or fan art. You then have a chance to win prizes like an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 graphics card and a The Evil Within poster signed by the father of survival horror, Shinji Mikami!

    Check out more details here and enter the contest now!

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  • Scouttrooper gator lerner

    i created the page for the sequel that is still in development hell and it will be made when they get a company for it and its not shit so that was vandalising the wikia with that highly uncalled for.

                                                                                                         sent to you by 

                                                                                                              Scouttrooper gator lerner.


    im gonna report that.

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  • HorrorMan1977

    I would save alice hardy from friday the 13th part 2 alice survived the 24 hour nightmare at camp blood and killed pamela voorhees she should of lived and then met tommy jarvis

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  • Alex Lioce

    Alright, So far, In the Decades, People were curious if there was going to be a Jason Voorhees figure out of either Mega Bloks or Lego. It is possible that we have some proof of a new figure. has a lego Machete & there has been photos of Decals of Jason Voorhees from F13 years 1980-2009 in Lego on Google Images. As always, some say Lego can't do Friday the 13th out of Lego because that they do it only for Kids movies (That is a lie because they did Lego Lord of the Rings & yet, the Triogy is rated PG-13, In fact, LOTR wasn't even supossed to make it out of Lego, because of the fact that they didn't want Kids going to see that movie & only Teens & Adults want to see it, so as proof, they lied to all of us). So if Lego can't do…

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  • Hmm2

    After nearly 10 years of waiting, Freddy Vs jason:WAR has been leaked.

    At the beginning, it shows the Paramount logo while the F13th theme plays. Does this mean Paramount owns the franchise again?

    A spokesperson for Paramount declined to comment.

    While no footage is shown, the themes for Halloween and Phantasm are also playing, most likely meaning Michael Myers and the Tall Man will be joining in the fight, somehow.

    Now, while no footage is shown, the abundance of themes from other horror/slasher themes and the cryptic credits is quite enough to get one excited over this sequel. Not only that, but at the end, it's revealed WAR will be released September 2013, just a whole year away.

    So, now it's your turn to decide:do you think this will be a m…

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  • Wagnike2

    Happy Friday the 13th

    January 13, 2012 by Wagnike2

    In celebration of Friday the 13th, and what better way to celebrate than by marathoning the Friday the 13th series, the Wikia Community Development Team decided to not only give this wiki's main page an update, but also to spotlight it and bring some attention to this site.

    We hope that you guys are having a frightful Friday the 13th! Please let us know what your plans are for this "holiday" in the comments and which movies you are going to watch.

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  • Queen Armada

    The Real Jason

    November 13, 2011 by Queen Armada

    Jason Vorhees is also the Orca God,humanoid shape in form of an Orca.He also looks like this picture and has henchman.Jason is the Green River Killer from horror to serial killers.

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  • Queen Armada

    Jason's enemy Apes

    November 13, 2011 by Queen Armada Apes do not like Malkin Motue and are his natural enemy.They fight and he annoys them,BTK Killer. Apes have stronger hormone than Jason.They are more powerful than Jason as like a man.This is a creature and animal and it can destroy robots.Jason has to do with Skynet and Terminator.The Apes do not like Jason and are his enemy and a movie has got to be made,Jason vs Ape with Resident Evil creatures.Ape will slam Jason into a tree with injuries.Ape will over power Jason.Ape dislikes Jason alot and Orcas.Jason vs Ape creature and Ape creature will win and damage Jason more than Freddy.Apes can stalk.http://discoverychannel.wikia…

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  • Khruler

    Friday the 13th

    April 22, 2010 by Khruler

    I was looking on imdb and the sequal remake better not suck like the remake.

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