Caroline is a young woman introduced in Freddy vs Jason vs Ash. She was later killed by Jason Voorhees in Freddy vs Jason vs Ash The Nightmare Warriors.

Freddy vs Jason vs Ash

Meeting With Ash Edit

Caroline was first seen at The S-Mart stacking up Christmas orniments. She was mocked by Raoul who dressed up as Santa Claus and tolds her that does she want to suck his candy cane. She breaks it causing the manager to tell her that it cost $1.95 and tells her that there's a new employee coming and his name is Ash Williams.

Caroline met Ash when he went inside The S-Mart. They heard an old lady screaming after she saw Jason kills Paris and 2 girls outside causing Ash to rush outside. Later in the break room, Caroline tells Ash about the legend of Jason Voorhees in which he heard from the old lady outside. She tells that for 30 years, there's been sights of killings, copycats and a killer in Manhattan which they thought it was Jason. She later tells him 5 years ago, there's also been swarths of killings at Springwood. She was later scared by Raoul who emerges from the door and roars at her and Ash while he wears a hockey mask and a hockey stick with ketchup on it. She later soon found out that it was a joke. She later follows Ash to The Voorhees House without him noticing her.

Encounter With Jason Edit

She then hits Jason with her minivan causing him to crash into a tree. She later drives away with Ash and Bree. They all went to the back of The S-Mart to take Bree to the break room to give her clothes. They were all shocked when they saw Jason went inside The S-Mart. After Jason kills many shoppers including the manager with his clipboard in his way, Caroline stabs him with a sharp weapon, but he throws on the floor. After Jason takes The Necronomicon Ex-Mortis and kills Bree, Caroline and the others decides to go to her parents' house since her they're out of town. Later at the house, they were all discussing of why Jason needs The Necronomicon and they all decide to sleep for the night so they can go back to The Voorhees House in the morning to retrieve The Necronomicon.

Caroline and the others were later awakened by Ash after managing to wake himself up. After they saw Dave got killed in his dream, Ash, Caroline and the others went to The S-Mart to get weapons to blow up The Voorhees House and find The Necronomicon. They all went to The Voorhees House and splits on their own ways. Caroline stays in the backseats of her minivan. Later she saw Jason looking inside the bag and sees the bombs and wiggles his finger (probably because of The Necronomicon's powers that Freddy Krueger use it to make him intellegent earlier). He starts approaching her.

Caroline reunites with Ash and they both saw Freddy's whole head as clouds in the sky so they went inside. Ash laters told Caroline that Pamela Voorhees originally use The Necronomicon to bring her son Jason to life and tells her to read the passage "Klaatu Verata Niktu" to send Freddy and Jason to The Deadite Dimension. They were later transported to 1428 Elm Street where 3 girls were singing the Freddy song. Caroline was then dragged by Freddy inside the house. She was tormented by Freddy until Jason breaks inside the house and fights him. Caroline tries to read the passage, but Jason snatches it from her. Luckily Ash shoots Jason's mask of his face revealing his disfigured face and slices Jason's arm off with his chainsaw to get The Necronomicon giving Jason an idea to place his machete in his stump arm. Caroline manage to escape The Voorhees House before it torn down apart.

Caroline tries to wake Ash up, but he's unconscious. She was later chased by Freddy who absorbs The Necronomicon's powers. She hides in one the shacks above the icy lake. Freddy destroys each oshack until he found her. He snatches The Necronomicon from her. Later while Freddy, Jason and Ash were fighting, Caroline finally read the passgae which opens a portal sucking Freddy and The Necronomicon inside and Jason was able to resist from being sucked in. She and Ash were holding onto a tree to avoid getting sucked in the portal. Ash's car crashes Jason into the icy lake and the portal closes. The next morning, she and Ash were glad it's all over. They all drive away in her minivan.

Freddy vs Jason vs Ash The Nightmare Warriors

Death Edit

6 months later and 1 year later, Caroline and her presumed husband Ash were living in Franklin, Michigan and they were having a pool party. After Ash refused to join Maggie Burroughs, he tells Caroline that he'll go the liquor store to buy beer for the party. Jason then approaches to their house and kills her. He later puts her head on a grill. Ash rushed to their house to find Caroline and only to find her decapitated by Jason.


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