Carter James "Cort" Andrews was a character in the Friday the 13th franchise, appearing in Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives. He drives the camper listening to music and says his last line "Nikki, listen to this!" when Jason Voorhees appears and jams a hunting knife into his head, killing him.

He is Jason Voorhees' 48th victim.


Cort was the friend of Megan, Sissy and Paula. He always wore headphones and ripped jeans. He accompanied the others at the police station to see Sheriff Garris and reported that Lizbeth and Darren were missing and they didn't showed up. Without Darren and Lizabeth present at the camp, Cort and the others try to make due and entertain the arriving campers.

Later that night, Cort manages to sneak out the camp to have sex with his girlfriend Nikki in her RV. Soon, Jason rips the electrical cord connected to the van from an outside outlet post, making

the van lose cable, ruining the mood between Cort and Nikki. Nikki Parsley begs Cort to go outside to plug the cord back in, dramatically pretending to be cold, and Cort obliges her, mumbling under his breathe "You're a real pain in the a THE ASS!". Nikki follows Cort out to investigate and she sees the cord has been stripped. Freaked out, Nikki begs Cort to leave immediately.


Cort's death at the hands of Jason Voorhees

Once they are able to finally start the van, Cort begins recklessly bobbing and weaving the RV, making Nikki lose her balance, falling all the way to the back sleeping area. As she gets up to tell Cort off, Jason pulls her into the small bathroom. Cort can't hear her because he has the radio on loud. Suddenly he spots Jason behind him telling Nikki to listen to this, but before he could react, Jason jams a hunting knife in his head. Killing Cort causes the RV to tip over and crash, leaving burning wreckage, but Jason walks away unscathed. Their bodies were later found by the police.