Charles "Chuck" Garth was a 24 year old character in Friday the 13th Part III. He was one of Chris' friends who takes a vacation to Higgins Haven, an old woodland resort near Crystal Lake. He was the fiance of Chili Jachson. He was the oldest member of the Wild Bunch, a group of unruly youth, and their de facto leader.

He is the 18th victim of Jason Voorhees.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Chuck´s death at the hands of Jason Voorhees

After picking up Vera Sanchez, Shelly Finkelstein's blind date, the group mistakes the van to have caught fire. They get in the van to learn it was only Chuck and Chili smoking bongs. Later that night at Higgins Haven, Chuck goes outside to use the outhouse, when suddenly, the outhouse starts shaking. He steps outside and sees a lone figure by the barn, thinking it was Shelly. Chili joins him and they both go in the barn to investigate. Finding no one there, they go back to the house to make popcorn. Suddenly, the lights go out and Chili sends Chuck down into the basement to fix the problem. After Chuck turns the power on, Jason Voorhees, who has been standing behind him, grabs him and throws him like a rag doll at the fuse box, electrocuting him and killing him instantly. His corpse was later found and taken away to a morgue by police and paramedics.

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