"Give me something to scream about."
―Chili talking to Chuck about the apparent sex sounds they heard upstairs.

Chili Jachson was a 23-year-old character in the film Friday the 13th Part III. She was the last of her illustrious group, the Wild Bunch, to be killed by Jason Voorhees, being his 19th victim.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Chili was the girlfriend and fellow stoner of Chuck Garth. They were both above the ages of the other members of the Wild Bunch. It is unknown how she and Chuck were first introduced to Chris Higgins, Debbie Klein, and Andy Beltrami, but they belonged to the group before Shelly Finkelstein and Vera Sanchez were introduced outside the Sanchez residence. Before leaving the Sanchez residence, the group members mistook the van for being on fire, when in true fact it was nothing but the reckless bong-smoking by Chili and Chuck from inside the van.

While on the drive to Higgins Haven, Chili states her belief that there was nothing better to do with life than to explore drugs. She also passes her joint to the others, including Andy. A police vehicle then seems to follow their van. They assume that they are about to be pulled over. They quickly try to consume the marijuana, but they are relieved when the police vehicles simply pass them by to reach the Crystal Lake Convenience store, which is close to Higgins Haven. During their first moments in Higgins Haven, Shelly plays a macabre prank on the group, something of which no one finds to be funny. Later that night, Chili and Chuck decide to pay him back by pulling a prank of their own, but they cannot find him.

Chili's face after Jason impaled her.

Chili's death at the hands of Jason Voorhees.

Jason takes Chili's corpse.

Chili and Chuck go to the kitchen and make popcorn when the power shuts off. Chuck leaves the kitchen to investigate.

While Chuck is gone, Shelly walks in with his throat slashed and in need of help. Chili thinks it's another one of Shelly's macabre pranks, so she ignores Shelly as he dies. Moments later, Chuck gets electrocuted to death by Jason, which causes a blackout in the house.

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Chili then discovers it wasn't one of Shelly's pranks, and that he was really dead. She screams in terror and runs to the stairs weeping and yelling for Andy and Debbie. She soon finds Debbie and Andy's corpses upstairs offscreen. She then runs downstairs and gets impaled by Jason through her stomach with a red-hot fire poker, sizzling her blood. Jason Voorhees then takes her body and she is never seen again. Her bloody clothes are later discovered by Chris Higgins in the overflowing bathtub. Her body is then found and taken away by police and paramedics.

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