Dallas is a character in the film Jason X, in which he is portrayed by Todd Farmer.

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Hailing from the Republic of Texas on Earth II, Dallas, in 2455, is hired along with several other ex-grunts to act as security on the spaceship The Grendel, which is being used to transport a group of New Harvard students from Earth II to the original Earth, which had, centuries ago, become a dead world. When Professor Braithwaite Lowe and a group he had taken down to Earth return to The Grendel with two cryogenically frozen bodies they had discovered, Dallas, who had been moving equipment, and fellow grunt Geko, transport one of the bodies (the frozen Jason Voorhees) to Lab Two of The Grendel. [1]

After moving Jason, Dallas joins one of Lowe's students, Azrael Benrubi, in Cargo Bay 2 of The Grendel and together the two play a virtual reality game, one that involves hunting giant monsters. While playing the game, Dallas and Azrael fail to hear the alarm of The Grendel sound, as well the announcement telling everyone to meet at Lab One of the ship. As they play the game, Dallas and Azrael are surprised when Jason kills one the monsters they had been after. As Azrael, believing Jason to be a part of the simulation, tries to pause the game, he has avatar sliced in two by the machete wielding Jason. Finding the death of Azrael's avatar hilarious, Dallas's own avatar is killed by Jason soon afterward, being decapitated. After the death of his avatar, Dallas ends the game and, while removing his virtual reality equipment, is surprised to discover Jason is real when he attacks Azrael, strangling the boy. [1]

PDVD 022

Dallas' death by Jason Voorhees

Ordering Jason to drop Azrael, Dallas opens fire on him with his gun, causing the killer to throw Azrael away. As Jason begins advancing on him, Dallas takes aim, only to witness Azrael jump on Jason's back. Telling Azrael to get off Jason and run, as he cannot get a clear shot at Jason, Dallas can only watch as Jason pulls Azrael off of him and breaks his back. After Azrael is killed, Dallas is grabbed by Jason, who kills him by bashing his head against a wall twice, letting the dead Dallas slide to the floor afterward. Dallas's body is later found by Briggs, who had been sent to look for him.


  • Dallas shares his name with Tom Skerritt's character in Alien. Both movies deal with a group of pseudo-astronauts being killed off one-by-one in deep space.
  • Dallas is the 121st murder victim of Jason Voorhees.

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  • Jason X (2001)

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  • Jason X (2005)

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