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David Peabody was a character in Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood.

He is the 63rd victim of Jason Voorhees.


The stoner of the group, David spends most of the time under the influence of weed, stumbling around and breaking stuff in a dazed state. Both Maddy Paulson and Robin Peterson had set their eyes on him, hoping to hook up with him during the birthday weekend. He ultimately ends up with Robin, (who has also started smoking pot with him) much to Maddy's disappointment. The two end up having sex in the upstairs bedroom.

After having sex, David makes his way into the kitchen to get something to eat. He hears someone behind him and thinks it's Maddy, but when he turns around, he's confronted by Jason Voorhees who stabs him in the stomach. He is later decapitated and his head is found by Robin moments before she is killed by Jason.




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