Deborah "Debi" Sue Voorhees is an American actress and director. She is currently in post production on her horror thriller 13 Fanboy, about an obsessed fanboy stalking the women from Friday the 13th with the intent to kill. She is best known for her role as Tina in the 1985 movie Friday the 13th: A New Beginning where coincidentally she has the same name as the main antagonist of the series, Jason Voorhees and the middle name of the first film antagonist of Pamela "Sue" Voorhees.

Deborah Voorhees has lived a colorful life—filmmaker, writer, journalist, editor, teacher, even a Hollywood B-scream starlet. In 2015, Voorhees’ screenplay Genevieve was an official selection of the Beverly Hills Film Festival. Her short film and music video Hip Hop Hamlet was an official selection of Kenneth Branagh’s Shakespeare Film Festival, in Stratford-upon-Avon, England and played in 2016 at the Elsinore Shakespeare Conference in Denmark in celebration of 400 years since Shakespeare's death and is now being included in a German documentary on Hamlet. Her short film Othello: Good Night My Sweet also unspooled at the Elsinore conference. Catching Up, a dark comedy she directed from New York playwright Tom Sime, was a hit at 2017 Texas Frightmare and several other film festivals. In 2014, Voorhees released her first full-length feature film Billy Shakespeare, which asks, “What if William Shakespeare never existed until now?” Billy, our Modern Bard, is caught in a love triangle of confused sexuality, cross-dressing, mistaken identity, and bedroom trysts. The film won the Bardie Award from The Shakespeare Standard. The quirky, off-beat film has been compared to the indie hit Waiting for Guffman and is now available on Amazon.

 Voorhees was a journalist at The Dallas Morning News, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, The Shakespeare Standard, and she has taught British Literature and American Literature and journalism in Texas and New Mexico.