Deborah Caldwell was a female teenager who camped with Alexis Peterson and Luke McCabey to celebrate Jason's "death".

She had sex with Luke in the group's tent, but was violently killed by Phil-Jason. She appeared in Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday, played by Michelle Clunie. She is Jason's 92nd victim.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Deborah joined her boyfriend Luke and Alexis on a camping trip to Camp Crystal Lake in honor of Jason Voorhees's death. They got to the lake via hitch hiking and were picked up by Steven Freeman.

The trio set up a tent and camp fire. They then stripped naked before skinny dipping for an unknown period of time in the lake. When they returned to camp, Deborah asked Alexis if she and Luke could have the tent because they planned to copulate, and Alexis agreed to sleep in a sleeping bag under the stars. While she and Luke were preparing for copulation, Alexis was murdered by Phil-Jason.

Before having sex, Deborah left the tent to pee on a bush (ironically the same bush that Alexis just peed on) whilst Luke removed his underwear, leaving him naked. She then got a condom from her belongings and gave it to Luke, but he threw it out of the tent. Deborah then took her shirt and underwear off, leaving her naked as well. The two began amorous copulation during which their tent was watched silently by Phil-Jason. During copulation Deborah and Luke rolled over and she got up on top of him and sat up. Just as she was having an orgasm, Phil-Jason rammed a pole through her, impaling her. He then ripped it out, violently slicing Deborah in half.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Her death won the Golden Chainsaw Award in Dead Meat’s "Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday (Unrated Cut)" kill count, while Deputy Josh's death won the award in the R Rated Cut.
  • If you look closely, Deborah was already cut in half before the coroner lifted the pole.

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