Donnie is a character in the Friday the 13th reboot, in which he is portrayed by Kyle Davis.

Biography Edit

Donnie stumbled upon a patch of wild marijuana growing near the abandoned Camp Crystal Lake in 2008. Seeing an opportunity to make easy money, he began harvesting it to sell (and use for himself). Sometime after coming across the weed growth, Donnie was working on Mr. Garikes' farm when Clay Miller came by searching for his missing younger sister Whitney. Startled by Clay, Donnie tells him he hadn't seen Whitney. When Clay is about to leave, Donnie offers to sell him some marijuana, an offer which Clay declines (annoying Donnie, who refers to Clay as a "fucker" behind his back).


Donnie´s Death at hands of Jason Vorhees

After meeting Clay, Donnie goes out and collects more weed, bringing it back to the farm to smoke. While browsing through some pornography after getting high, Donnie hears some noise coming from upstairs and goes up to investigate. While browsing through some junk scattered about, Donnie stumbles upon a mannequin ("Gina") and is distracted by it (apparently having once had sex with it). While talking to the mannequin, Donnie is attacked by Jason Voorhees, who he gets into a scuffle with. In the struggle, Donnie manages to pull off the sack the killer wore to cover his face. Donnie is startled by Jason's horrific visage, but the killer quickly slashes the farmhand's throat with his machete.

After murdering Donnie, Jason discovers an old hockey mask in the attic and replaces his old sack with the infamous mask. Jason then stores Donnie's body (after cutting the head off) in his underground lair where it will be for all eternity along with Jenna's corpse.

He is the 5th victim of Reboot Jason. If this film is tied to the others than he would be Jason's 157th victim.


Donnie's alternate death

Originaly Jason was going to decapitate him.

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  • Friday the 13th (2009)

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