Earth II

Earth II was the name of a planet in an unnamed solar system colonized by humans after Earth was declared uninhabitable from some kind of an apocalyptic ecological disaster.

When humans colonized it is unknown but it was no doubt the new home of humanity. It was the location of New Harvard University and where a group of students came from when they traveled to old Earth on a field trip, led by Professor Lowe.

  1. Professor Braithwaite Lowe (Deceased)
  2. Rowan LaFontaine
  3. Tsunaron
  4. Kay-Em 14
  5. Sgt Elijah Brodski (Deceased)
  6. Janessa Zachary (Deceased)
  7. Kinsa Cooper (Deceased)
  8. Stoney Zachary (Deceased)
  9. Trevor Crutchfield (Deceased)
  10. Waylander (Deceased)
  11. Private Azrael Benrubi (Deceased)
  12. Private Dallas (Deceased)
  13. Private Kicker (Deceased)
  14. Private Briggs (Deceased)
  15. Private Condor (Deceased)
  16. Private Sven (Deceased)
  17. Private Geko (Deceased)
  18. Fat Lou Goddard (Deceased)
  19. Adrienne Hart (Deceased)
  20. Dieter Perez (Deceased)
  21. Jason Voorhees
  22. Über Jason



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