Elizabeth Marcus (played by Julie Michaels) was an FBI agent assigned to the task of luring Jason Voorhees into the large-scale ambush her squad had laid for the undead killer. She appeared only in Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday.



Elizabeth Marcus prepares to take a shot at Jason Voorhees.

Disguising herself as a typical camper, Elizabeth rents a cabin at Crystal Lake, home of the infamous serial killer Jason Voorhees. She runs into no problems as she fixes the lights in the cabin. Right when she is about to get into the bath, the lights go out and she gets attacked by Jason. She survives a fall and runs out of the cabin and into the woods with Jason in hot pursuit of her. She comes to a clearing, and doesn't see Jason. Suddenly he appears before her, but before he can kill her, he is blinded by floodlights and Elizabeth escapes as the FBI attack him with heavy artillery and blow him to bits. She is congratulated for her hard work by her team as Jason is declared dead. After the FBI "kill" Jason, she is never seen or heard from again.