Eva Watanabe was another student who attended Lakeview High School and she took the field trip on the S.S. Lazarus and was a supporting protagonist of Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan. She was the best-friend of the wicked Tamara Mason but she is kind, sweet, adorable and friendly most of the time.


Eva is a 18 year old high school student she is 5 foot 5 (1.65 cm) first seen with Tamara upstairs on the deck watching Julius Gaw fight in a boxing match and saying that he was so good looking and was about to turn professional. She is kind, sweet, friendly and adorable to everyone especially Rennie.

Later, they were both in the basement snorting cocaine and Tamara offered her some and she refused cause she was worried that the fact that she could lose her scholarship, if she gets caught snorting and Tamara told her to calm down and she snorted a line. They were caught first by Rennie who asks the pair if they have seen her dog, and they were soon caught again by Charles McCulloch.

Eva unreluctantly goes with Tamara and watches her purposely bump Rennie off the side of the cruise ship as revenge for catching them taking drugs, shocked at Rennie almost drowning Eva takes leaves from Tamara, feeling horrible about the incident.


Eva Wanatabe

Eva Wanatabe in fear for her life.

Eva discovers Tamara Mason's dead body in their cabin bathroom. She then runs out into the ship's hallway, only to see Hockey-masked Jason Voorhees looking at her, breathing heavily. She then runs down a flight of stairs or two, and runs into the seizure-like party deck. She looks around for awhile and then Jason bursts open the door. She looks around some more only to see Jason in every place she looks, possibly due to hallucination or Jason's supernatural ability to teleport. She then loses sight of Jason and as she was doing before turns around slowly a couple of times in a circle.

L (2)

Eva´s death at hands of Jason Voorhees

Jason appears, grabs Eva by the neck he lifts her up to the ceiling and proceeds to brutally strangle her she struggles to break free of jasons grip but jasons strength overpowers her as she gasps for air jason eventually strangles her also the bones in her neck can be heard cracking indicated her throat was crushed. Jason then throws her corpse to the floor.

Her corpse and the corpses of Tamara Mason, a boxer, the deck hand, Miles Wolfe, Admiral Robertson, Jim Carlson, Wayne Webber, and a crew member he accidentally killed will forever be on the S.S. Lazarus at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

She is Jason Voorhees' 76th victim.

Eva is the first Asian victim of the franchise.