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Friday the 13th: The Carnival is a 1994 novel written by Eric Morse and published by Berkley Books.

Official Summary

Once there was a boy named Jason Voorhees who drowned at a summer camp when the counselors weren't watching. First, his mother got revenge. Then, Jason rose from the grave. And now, everyone knows you can't kill a legend... but a legend can kill you.

Summer school's a drag. And to four young students, nothing sounds better than a traveling carnival to break up the boredom. Unfortunately, the carnival has pitched its tents at the old Crystal Lake campgrounds-where the murderous spirit of Jason seeks out new fun and games. It's the perfect place for four teenagers looking for thrills and chills. Especially chills.

Because Jason's evil is running the show. The fun house is a real scream...

And the roller coaster's a killer.