Friday the 13th is a 2006 six-issue comic book miniseries written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray, illustrated by Adam Archer and Peter Guzman and published by WildStorm.

Official Summary Edit

  • Issue One: A beautiful young woman is found on the road leading to the mysterious Crystal Lake, covered in blood and rambling about a monster who slaughtered her group of friends. It's a tale similar to other legends of the area, but as her story unfolds, it will be unlike anything anyone could have expected! This story of murder and atrocity goes much deeper than any one family.
  • Issue Two: The terrifying new series continues as the local authorities ponder what led to the tragic events at Camp Crystal Lake... and the story unfolds in the sedated mind of the lone survivor, Sally. What secrets are harbored by the woods and lake, and what brought Jason back?
  • Issue Three: The horrifying tragedy of Camp Crystal Lake continues! Jason commits terrible mayhem through the ominous night, but what's the bloody secret that the lake and surrounding forest hold... could there be an ancient evil that predates the Voorhees family?
  • Issue Four: Jason is stalking and killing the teenagers at Camp Crystal Lake, fulfilling a vendetta from beyond the grave! But appearances are deceiving as the bodies pile up... will Sally awaken to reveal her terrifying tale?
  • Issue Five: What secrets do Crystal Lake and the surrounding forest hold for the elemental monster Jason? Is he a vengeful soul from beyond the grave or the living embodiment of evil and revenge? The teens working at the Camp are finding out the hard way, as a horrific revelation is in store for them all!
  • Issue Six: The curse of Camp Crystal Lake continues as the first arc comes to a terrifying, bloody conclusion! Just how did Sally survive the bloodshed, and what terrifying revelation will be made?

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