Jason X Special is a 2005 comic book one-shot written by Brian Pulido, illustrated by Sebastian Fiumara and published by Avatar Press.

Official Summary Edit

Writer Brian Pulido, the bloody maestro, teams up with artist Sebastian (Hypothetical Lizard) Fiumara on Jason X, the horror story of a twisted super-powered amalgamation of Jason Voorhees and future technology! Set in 2455, Uber Jason is brought to Earth II. Kristen, a bio-engineer, needs tissue samples from Uber Jason in the hopes that his regenerative abilities can save her and her loved ones. She is convinced she can contain his rage. Big mistake. Uber Jason unleashes a torrent of high-tech terror and gore! As well as the regular and wraparound covers by series artist Sebastian Fiumara, it's also available with Gore and Terror covers by Juan Jose Ryp, and a super-limited black leather cover with art by Fiumara.

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