Katherine "Kate" Pataki is a character in Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood, she is one of Michael Rogers's friends and is first shown at the house where Michael's surprise birthday party is taking place.

She is Jason Voorhees' 62nd victim.


Kate's boyfriend is Ben MacNeal and early on it is shown that there is some tension between them after David Peabody slips up and reveals something unknown to Kate, which Ben quickly tries to cover. She reveals her frustrations to Sandra after Sandra notices the tension between her and Ben. The two eventually make up and head out to the van where while in the middle of making love, begin to hear noises outside the van, as well as it shaking here and there. They believe that it is Michael screwing around with them, so Ben goes out to try to scare him, leaving Kate in the van.

Kate calls out to Ben several times with no reply, not knowing that he had just been killed by Jason Voorhees. She crawls into the front seat and sticks her head out the window, calling for Ben and telling him to quit fooling around. Suddenly Jason appears, grabbing her by the back of the neck, and taking a party horn and ramming it into her eye, killing her. Her body was later found by Tina Shepard.

Her death won the golden chainsaw on Dead Meat's kill count.



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