Kicker is a character in the film Jason X, in which he is portrayed by Barna Morciz.

Biography Edit

Working as security for hire, Kicker and several other military grunts are hired to act as escorts to a group of New Harvard students traveling to the long dead Earth from Earth II sometime in 2455. Reaching the original Earth in the spaceship The Grendel, a group led by Professor Braithwaite Lowe is sent down in a shuttle piloted by Lou Goddard, with Kicker in tow. Finding the remains of the Camp Crystal Lake Research Facility and the frozen bodies of Jason Voorhees and Rowan LaFontaine within, Kicker and his group transport the two to a waiting shuttle and return to The Grendel, with Kicker riding up front with Lou.

When Jason Voorhees thaws and begins running amok on The Grendel, killing several people, Kicker and the other grunts are dispatched to find and eliminate him. Alongside Briggs, a fellow grunt, Kicker finds the dead bodies of Dallas (another grunt) and Azrael Benrubi (a student) in Cargo Bay 2 and regroups with Sergeant Brodski and the other grunts, who had just encountered Jason and sent him deeper into the bowels of The Grendel.

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Kicker dying

At first working alongside Brodski, Kicker becomes separated from him while looking for Jason. Coming across the dying grunt Geko, who has had her throat slit, Kicker avoids Jason when he appears and opens fire on the killer, causing Jason to fall backwards and become impaled on a crane hook. Raising the hook Jason is stuck into the air, Kicker blasts the killer's legs and eagerly contacts everyone else, not noticing Jason pulling himself off the hook. Before he can react, Kicker is halved at the waist by a swing from Jason's machete and, with his last breath, tells the nearby Briggs to run. [1]

Sometime after his death, Kicker's body would be harvested for organic matter by the nano ants of The Grendel, which had been instructed by the semi-functional medical computer of the ship to find suitable material to automize Jason.

He is Jason's 125th victim.

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Films Edit

  • Jason X (2001)

Novels Edit

  • Jason X (2005)

Comics Edit

  • Friday the 13th: Jason vs. Jason X (2005-2006)

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