Michael Ethan Reynolds was the false deuteragonist of the Friday the 13th reboot. Mike was the boyfriend of Whitney Miller.

Biography Edit

At the behest of Whitney's mother, Mike convinces her to go on a camping trip in Crystal Lake with several of their friends in 2008. Wade and Richie had gotten a tip about a large abundance of wild marijuana growing in the woods, and they want to harvest it for profit. After getting lost, Mike and the others set up camp near the abandoned Camp Crystal Lake, where Wade tells everyone the story of Pamela and Jason Voorhees around the fire. After hearing Wade's story, Whitney convinces Mike to go for a walk, and the two stumble across the old Voorhees House. Going inside to explore, Mike finds an old locket that contains a picture of a young Pamela Voorhees and shows it to Whitney, noting how much she resembles the woman. [1]


Mike is dragged to death by Jason.

Finding Jason's old bedroom, Mike realizes someone has been in the property recently. He also finds the bathroom that has a crude shrine surrounded by Christmas lights in it. Reaching into a hole in the wall by the shrine, Mike grabs the decayed severed head of Pamela Voorhees and drops it in shock. At this moment, Jason himself appears outside but remains unnoticed by hiding in the crawl space under the house. As Mike investigates the noise outside, Jason begins stabbing up through the floorboards with his machete injuring Mike repeatedly. As Whitney gets in the bathtub trying to protect herself, Mike is grabbed by Jason and pulled underground through a trapdoor. As he is being dragged down, he screams for Whitney to run.[1]


Mike's corpse

After being held captive for six weeks by her boyfriend's murderer, Whitney attempts to escape. As she tries to find her way out of Jason's lair, she finds Mike's decomposed body in a small chamber. [2]

Trivia Edit

  • He is the 3rd person Reboot Jason murders. If this film is tied to the others than he would be Jason's 155th victim overall.
  • His death won the Dull Machete Award in Dead Meat’s "Friday the 13th (2009 Reboot)" kill count.




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