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Nolan is a character in Friday the 13th.


Along with his girlfriend Chelsea and a few others, Nolan accompanies Trent Sutton to his summer home in Crystal Lake in 2008. Stopping at the Outpost gas station, Nolan is convinced to pump gas for the van by Trent. After reaching the summer house, Nolan decides to head down to the lake with Chelsea, convincing Trent and his girlfriend Jenna Mongomery to stay behind when Chelsea asks them to accompany them, so he can have some privacy with Chelsea. Allowed to use the van, Nolan is asked to take some gas cans down to the boathouse by Trent, and is sternly told not to touch the boat.

Ignoring Trent, Nolan and Chelsea take the boat out wake boarding. While boating, Nolan gets shot through the head with an arrow at the hands of Jason Voorhees. He accidentally hits Chelsea with the boat after he falls onto the controls, although this does not kill her.

He is Reboot Jason's 6th victim. If this film is tied to the others than he would be Jason's 158th victim.