Packanack Lodge
Packanack Lodge was a small group of rustic cabins in the woods at Crystal Lake. The lodge was located a short walk away from the infamous Camp Crystal Lake.


Packanack Lodge was where Paul Holt planned to use the area as a training class for summer camp counselors, the Packanack Lake Region Counselor Training Center.

Since it seems unlikely that Holt would have had these cabins built specifically for such a purpose, it can be assumed that the lodge had been built by persons unknown at some undetermined point in the past. It was unclear whether Holt owned the Lodge himself or had rented or borrowed it for use as a training camp.

That night, Ginny Field, Paul Holt, Ted, and the rest of the Counselors decide to go into town for one last party at Casino Bar. Jeff, Sandra Dier, Mark, Vickie, Terry, and Scott, decide to stay back at the camp and Jason comes in and murders the remaining counselors one by one.

Packanack Lodge was the site of Jason Voorhees' first began his string of murders in 1984, as he stalked and killed nearly all of the counselors-in-training.

The only known survivors of the attack on Packanack Lodge were Ginny Field, and Holt's friend, Ted while Paul Holt himself disappeared. Police and paramedics arrived in which the medics took the corpses of Sandra Dier, Crazy Ralph, Scott, Mark, Jeff, and Vickie. However, Terry's and Deputy Winslow's corpses were not found and will forever be in the shack with Alice's body and Pamela's head. There is a goof in the 3rd movie when he said 8 corpses.

  1. Paul Holt (Unknown)
  2. Ginny Field
  3. Ted
  4. Jeff (Deceased)
  5. Sandra Dier (Deceased)
  6. Scott (Deceased)
  7. Terry McCarthy (Deceased)
  8. Muffin (Deceased; but only by present date)
  9. Mark Jarvis (Deceased)
  10. Vickie Perry (Deceased)
  11. Crazy Ralph (Deceased)
  12. Deputy Winslow (Deceased)
  13. Jason Voorhees



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