Pete Linley is a character in the film Friday the 13th: A New Beginning, in which he is portrayed by Corey Parker.

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In the spring of 1989, Pete, while traveling near the Pinehurst Youth Development Center with his friend Vinnie, becomes stranded when their car breaks down in the middle of the night. Sending Vinnie out to fix the malfunctioning car, Pete sits in the driver's seat, giving orders. After Vinnie becomes frustrated with the car, he angrily tells Pete to get out the vehicle and fix it himself, as he is always messing around with it. When Pete does not reply to him, Vinnie becomes worried and starts calling out to his friend, only to be startled when Pete honks the car horn after several seconds of silence. Finding his prank hilarious, Pete begins to taunt Vinnie, who, after fidgeting under the hood, tells Pete to try starting the car again.

When the car fails to start, Pete who is annoyed, berates Vinnie. The greaser tells his friend to have the car repaired before he returns from his walk.Walking through the woods with a flashlight in hand, Pete hears something following him and turns around. Surveying his surroundings, Pete is relieved to discover that the noises he heard were simply being made by a small rabbit.

He returns in which he sees Vinnie lying down under the car hood.
Death petes

Pete´s death at the hands of Roy Burns

Paying no heed to this, Pete gets inside the car and begins trying to start it. As the car struggles, Pete happily sings swears and threats directed towards the unresponsive Vinnie until the car finally starts up. As the car runs, Pete asks what the still unmoving Vinnie is doing outside, right before he has his throat slit by a machete wielded by Roy Burns, who had been in the backseat. Bleeding profusely, Pete falls face first onto the horn of the car steering wheel, dead. The next day, his corpse alongside Vinnie's was taken by the paramedics with Sheriff Tucker present.

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