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Pinehurst Youth Development Center was a youth rehabilitation center for juvenile delinquents.


This house appeared in Friday the 13th: A New Beginning and was where Tommy Jarvis was sent after his brutal killing of serial killer Jason Voorhees as a young teenager. Its location was presumably somewhere near Crystal Lake due to the fact that evil reputation of Jason Voorhees was known. It's not like other halfway houses and runs on its own honor society. The center treats teenagers so they're able to reenter society. Pinehurst was run by Dr. Matthew Letter and his assistant Pam Roberts.

  1. Dr. Matthew Letter (Deceased)
  2. Pam Roberts (Unknown)
  3. Tommy Jarvis (Alive)
  4. Reggie Winter (Alive)
  5. Joey Burns (Deceased)
  6. Vic Faden (Incarcerated)
  7. George Winter (Deceased)
  8. Jake Patterson (Deceased)
  9. Robin Brown (Deceased)
  10. Violet Moraine (Deceased)
  11. Billy Macauley (Deceased)
  12. Eddie Kelso (Deceased)
  13. Tina McCarthy (Deceased)
  14. Roy Burns (Deceased)
  15. Jason Voorhees (Tommy Hallucination)

Death events[]

The center's troubles began after Vic's brutal murder of Joey outside the house as the young ladies were hanging laundry. When paramedics came for Joey's body, Roy Burns, one of the paramedics had noticed that that the murdered young man was his son. The shock of his murder caused Roy to snap and he swore vengeance for it. Since he couldn't get to Vic, he chose the young residents, the owner, an employee and other people (including his friend Duke Johnson) instead using the Jason Modus operandi and a hockey mask as a cover. He blamed Pinehurst for letting Vic out and killing Joey and knowing that Vic was very violent.

He killed everyone at the center save for Tommy and all others near it or associated with like Pam Roberts and Reggie Winter who defeated him in a battle near in inside the barn. The center was presumably abandoned and never reopened due to the mass murders like Camp Crystal Lake.