Raymond Joffroy is a character in the film Friday the 13th: A New Beginning, in which he is portrayed by Sonny Shields.

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In 1989, after a recent spate of murders nearby, Raymond appears at the front door of the Hubbard residents, frightening Ethel Hubbard's chickens. Believing a coyote to be responsible for all the noise, Ethel approaches the door with a shotgun in hand, and is surprised to find Raymond standing outside. After Ethel angrily demands to know what he is doing on her property and what he wants, Raymond explains that he is in town for two days and would like to earn some food. Responding to Ethel's question of what he can do by simply asking what she needs done, Raymond is given a chance by Ethel, who claims if he cleans up all the feces in her chicken coop and dumps it behind her shed, she will give something to eat. Agreeing to clean the chicken coop, Raymond goes to perform the job, leaving Ethel to criticize his shabby appearance.

While working on Ethel's farm, Raymond spots Eddie and Tina, two residents of the nearby Pinehurst Youth Development Center, on Ethel's property, in the midst of doing drugs. Spying on Eddie and Tina from some bushes, Raymond, when the two undress and begin to have sex, licks his lips in anticipation, turns around, and is stabbed in the gut by Roy Burns with a large hunting knife. Falling to the ground, Raymond's cry of pain and surprise goes unheard by Eddie and Tina.
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Raymond´s death at the hands of Roy Burns


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  • Friday the 13th: A New Beginning (1985)

Raymond groaning in pain as he gets stabbed by Roy Burns

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  • Raymond's death scene was one of many in Friday the 13th: A New Beginning to be censored, eliminating the killer twisting the knife in his abdomen after stabbing him.
  • If you listen closely when Roy Burns kills Raymond you can hear Roy say "Kill".

Raymond's corpse

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