Richie is a character from Friday the 13th (2009).

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Richie, along with friends Wade, Amanda, Mike and Whitney Miller, go hiking near Crystal Lake looking for marijuana. As they hike to Crystal Lake, they get lost and decide to camp in a small clearing near the abandoned Camp Crystal Lake for the night.[1]

When Whitney and Mike go off for a walk, Richie, Wade, and Amanda stay by the fire. As Wade begins to ramble on about the wonders of technology, Amanda begins to strip her clothes behind his back, teasing Richie. When Wade realizes they want to be alone, he goes off for a walk. Richie and Amanda then go to their tent where they begin to have sex.

While in the tent, Richie and Amanda are having passionate sex when Amanda hears a branch break causing both to stop. Thinking Wade is spying on them, Richie tells Wade to leave them alone as he resumes having sex. Just as both are about to finish, both of them stop when they hear another branch break causing Richie to yell. Amanda, clearly frustrated, tells Richie he can’t finish until he goes confronts Wade. As he wanders around, he finds Wade's glowstick in the ground. When he picks it up, he discovers the weed and is surprised about Wade being right. However, as he follows the trail, he finds Wade's iPod and eventually his body. As he runs back to camp, he hears Amanda screaming. She is trapped inside her sleeping bag and hung above the fire, burning. As he approaches to help her, his foot gets trapped in a bear trap.


Richie stabbed by Jason.

As he continues to scream, Whitney returns to the camp, running from Jason too. Finding out the dead Amanda, she runs to Richie to help him. As she is trying to help him release his foot, Jason approaches them and swings his machete into Richie's head, killing him instantly.[1]

He is the 4th victim of Reboot Jason. If this film is tied to the others then he would be Jason's 156th victim.

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