Rob Dier is a non-playable character in Friday the 13th: The GameHe appears in the opening cutscene, walking towards the counselors before being swiftly dispatched by Jason Voorhees. Witnessing his murder causes the counselors to flee into the woods, leading into the start of the match. 


  • In Higgins haven, Packanack Lodge, and Crystal Lake
  • In the beginning cutscene of Packanack Small, Jason sneaks behind him and proceeds to throw him face first into a campfire, burning him alive.
  • In the intro of Crystal Lake Small, he can be seen sitting on the lake pier before Jason suddenly comes up out of the water and pulls him down, drowning him.
  • In the small variant of Higgins Haven, he is casually walking around the camp, before Jason shows up and throws a knife into his face. 
  • In Peinhert Jason Sneeks up and grabs rob and Smashes his back on a loge.

 Trivia Edit

  • If the player returns to where he was killed, his body will be gone.
    • His body can be found in a bathroom either in a bathtub or on a wall in one of the cabins
  • It seems Rob Is a counselor even though he was hunting Jason in the movie, and not a counselor.
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