Roberta Melissa "Robbie" Morgan was a character in the film Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter.

She is the 23rd victim of Jason Voorhees.


In 1984, Nurse Roberta Morgan was working at the Wessex County Morgue one night, when her co-worker, Coroner Axel Burns comes to flirt with her She tells him she doesn't want to deal with him tonight, but he manages to convinces her to meet him in the cold room, where the body of mass murderer Jason Voorhees, who had killed nearly two dozen people in just a few days before being brought down, is being kept. When Morgan shows up, the room was empty except for Jason's body. Her eye catches on a television showing women's aerobics, no doubt left on by Axel, when Axel sneaks up and scares her. Unamused she changes the channel to the news, where a coverage of Jason's death is shown.

4-2-nurse-morgan-knife-to-stomach 528 poster

Morgan´s death at the hands of Jason Voorhees.

Shortly after, Axel convinces Morgan to make out with him, even though she insists that she only came to watch the news. Their love is quickly ruined by Jason's hand falling off the stretcher and hitting Morgan. She decides to leave, not wanting to take anymore frights. In another room, Morgan accidentally knocks some jars down, and starts sweeping them up. Shortly after, someone turns the lights off and Morgan, thinking it's Axel, tells the figure to leave her alone. She turns around and almost shakes Jason off when he grabs her and proceeds to disembowel her with a scalpel. Her corpse was hidden along with Axel, also killed by Jason.



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