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Robin Peterson was another party guest to Michael Rogers's birthday and a character in Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood.


Robin was another one of the party guests invited to Nick's cousin Michael's birthday party. She was a love interest for David Peabody and often argues with Maddy Paulson, about who gets to hook up with David, as Maddy also likes David. Robin was soon introduced to Tina Shepard, a girl next door that Nick shows everyone who Robin greets in a friendly manner. Robin was a preppy girl who addresses Maddy by telling her "you need a little touch-up work". While she's not as cruel to Tina as Melissa is, she's not very kind to her. After Tina becomes frightened by a vision and leaves the party, Robin dubs her "Marilyn Munster".

Robin begins to flirt with David throughout the night and smoking pot, angering Maddy who tries to get dressed up for David and follow Robin's advice, and is soon after killed by the mass murderer Jason Voorhees who has decided to crash the party. After Jason kills Ben MacNeal and Kate Pataki, Jason enters the cabin where Eddie McCarlo was downstairs, rejected by Melissa Paur, and Robin has finally gotten David to have sex with her.

Jason cuts the lights to the cabin and Robin and David ignore it. After sex, David goes downstairs to the kitchen to get something to eat, and is stabbed and killed by Jason (later to be decapitated). Jason then kills Eddie and proceeds upstairs to kill Robin. Robin puts on a shirt and walks out into the hallway, looking for David and possibly Maddy. After having no luck, she goes into a bedroom where she notices a cat, and tries to catch him, but he scampers off into the darkness after comforting her.

Robin sits down on the bed only to feel something wet on her hand. She quickly pulls up her hand to reveal it was blood. Looking behind her, she sees David's decapitated head staring up at her on the bed. Screaming in horror, Robin turns to the door to see Jason standing there. She pleads with him when he grabs her by the throat and hurls her through a second story window where she plummets to her death, screaming the whole way down and lands on the ground.

Behind the Scenes[]

Robin was portrayed by the Hungarian-American actress and model Elizabeth Kaitain. Originally she was killed with a machete through her stomach but due to the movie being heavily censored, her death scene was changed to being thrown out a window.


  • She is Jason Voorhees' 65th victim.