Private Samuel Johnson [1] is a character in the film Jason X, in which he is portrayed by Jeff Geddis. A soldier working at the Crystal Lake Research Facility, Johnson is employed to guard the captive Jason Voorhees, who is being held in the facility. He is the first person to be killed in Jason X.

Biography Edit

Named after his maternal grandfather, Johnson joined the military simply to gain his G.I Bill. [1] In 2010, Johnson, with only three weeks of service left, is charged with guarding the heavily shackled and sedated Jason Voorhees, who will soon be cryogenically frozen and transported away from the Crystal Lake Research Facility to one better equipped to examine him. While monitoring Jason, Johnson, becoming increasingly disturbed by the killer's unblinking gaze, grabs an old blanket from the floor of his station and throws it over Jason. Now content, Johnson returns to his station, unaware that his actions have knocked loose the IV syringe that was attached to Jason's head. [2]

10-1-private-johnson-hung 528 poster

Johnson after being killed by Jason.

When Doctor Aloysius Bartholomew Wimmer, Sergeant Marcus and a quartet of soldiers enter Jason's holding area to transport him, Johnson is absent. Johnson is later found dead when Marcus, upon pulling the blanket off what he believes to be Jason, finds Johnson in his place, possessing a severe head wound with a chain tightly wrapped around his neck. [2]

After Jason murders Wimmer, Marcus, and four soldiers, head scientist Rowan LaFontaine spots Johnson's corpse and realizes Jason has escaped confinement. He is Jason's 111th victim.



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