"I think I'm in love."
―Sara Parkington[src]

Sara Parkington was a character in Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter.

She is the 34th victim of Jason Voorhees.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Sara was the best friend of Samantha Lane who had been invited by her to join Sam, Sam's boyfriend Paul Guthrie, Paul's best friend Doug Bell, flirtatious joker Ted Cooper, and Ted's insecure best friend Jimmy Mortimer for a weekend at Paul and Sam's rented out Crystal Lake cabin. Although a very pretty girl she comes off a bit shy and timid though maintaining a fair level of curiosity. She had been the only one of the youths which upon stopping to the side of the Crystal Lake Cemetery to notice Pamela Voorhees' grave which sparked an eerie sensation in her. She did not partake in the skinny dipping in Crystal Lake upon arrival and had chose instead to do coursework on the pier. She had quickly befriended the fellow 18-year-old teenagers Tina and Terri, two identical twin cyclists up cycling through the crystal lake woods on their way to the lake itself.  She had been a fan of duets as expressed with Doug whom she had expressed an immediate interest with after discovering from best friend Sam she had been set by sleeping arrangements to share a bunk bed with him. While mostly everyone is downstairs watching vintage tapes.

Sara decides to go upstairs and have sex with Doug even though she doesn't point it out right away. Ted and Jimmy get murdered downstairs. Meanwhile, Jason Voorhees goes into the bathroom and murders Doug by crushing his skull into the shower wall. Sara then returns to the bathroom and is shocked and horrified at Doug's head hanging over the smashed, blood smeared shower door. She had then tried to flee and had made it to the living room door which had been locked by Jason and upon wrestling at the doorknob screaming for Sam and help, perished as Jason from behind the door hurtled his axe through the door and into Sara's towel wrapped chest. Sara had then collapsed to the ground dying slowly and had her corpse taken by Jason and placed somewhere in the house before being taken by the police and paramedics.

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