Scott Cheney was a character in the film Friday the 13th Part 2 in which he is portrayed by Russell Todd. Something of a prankster, Scott travels to Crystal Lake to work at the counselor training center in the Packanack Lodge under Paul Holt.

He is the 4th victim of Jason Voorhees.

Biography[edit | edit source]

In 1984, while working at the Packanack Lodge, Scott develops a crush on fellow counselor-in-training Terry McCarthy and becomes prone to teasing the girl, doing such things as shooting her with his slingshot during the first counselor meeting. Enjoying working and partying at the counselor training center, Scott continually tries to impress Terry, such as asking her dance one night. When Terry politely refuses, Scott, wanting to make Terry laugh, grabs the girl's dog Muffin and starts dancing around with her. Amusing Terry, Scott eventually puts Muffin down when the dog becomes agitated after seeing Jason Voorhees outside a window. [1]

When Paul Holt, his assistant Ginny Field, and several other counselors go into town for one last night at the bar, Scott selects to stay behind with Terry. When Terry goes out skinny dipping in Crystal Lake, Scott follows her and takes her discarded clothing. When Terry emerges from the lake and notices her clothes are gone, Scott appears and taunts her, giving her one article of clothing at a time. While toying with Terry, Scott unknowingly steps into a snare and springs the trap, leaving him dangling upside-down from a tree.

Scott's death at the hands of Jason Voorhees

Begging Terry for help, Scott promises not to pull off anymore jokes if she gets him down. When Terry leaves to find something to cut him down Scott is approached by Jason Voorhees, the one who set the snare. Having his head grabbed by Jason, Scott has his throat slit by Jason's machete. Bleeding out, Scott is found dead minutes later by Terry. His corpse (still upside down) and the corpses of Jeff Dunsberry, Vickie Perry, Crazy Ralph, Sandra Dier, and Mark Jarvis were found and taken away by police and paramedics while Winslow's and Terry's corpses haven't been found because they were in a shack with Pamela Voorhees' head and Alice Hardy's corpse and none of them found it.

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