Sheldon P. "Shelly" Finkelstein is a playable character in Friday the 13th: The Game. He is available at the start. His role is "The Prankster".

Character StatsEdit

  • Composure 6/10 - Reduces the rate that fear increases and makes it easier to break free from Jason's grab.
  • Luck 1/10 - Increases weapon durability and gives minor increases to many other stats.
  • Repair 5/10 - Increases repair effectiveness.
  • Speed 4/10 - Increases overall top speed.
  • Stamina 4/10 - Increases overall stamina pool and reduces the stamina cost of actions.
  • Stealth 8/10 - Reduces the amount of noise generated and Jason's ability to sense.
  • Strength 7/10 - Increases attack damage with weapons and reduces the stamina cost of combat actions.

Trivia Edit

Shelly is portrayed by his Friday the 13th Part III actor, Larry Zerner.

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