Steve is a character in the one-shot comic book Friday the 13th: Abuser and the Abused.

Biography Edit

Having been the boyfriend of a girl named Maggie for some time, Steve, after becoming drunk, beats her in the park for the twenty-third time. The next night, Maggie, after developing an idea on how to solve all her problems, calls Steve from her room, telling him she wants to be with him, also asking him to pick her up. When an obviously drunk Steve arrives at Maggie's house, he yells for her to hurry up as she climbs out her window, which prompts Maggie to tell him to be quiet, as her parents are "sleeping" (Maggie had earlier murdered them). After she gets into his car, Maggie tells Steve where to drive, saying the trip will be worth his while, also claiming that the blood spattered on her face is her own after Steve points it out.

Directed to Camp Crystal Lake by Maggie, Steve is seduced by her when she takes off her shirt and beckons him to follow her into Crystal Lake, claiming he can have his way with her. Entering the lake, an excited Steve reaches out to grope Maggie's breasts, when she impales him with a knife. After stabbing Steve, Maggie begins to beat him, claiming he should not have hurt and that now she is going to hurt him. After being hit several times by Maggie, Steve manages to gain the upper hand against her, and begins to strangle her. As Maggie attempts to fight him off, Steve spots Jason Voorhees rapidly approaching. Steve is killed by Jason, who strikes him in the shoulder with his machete, nearly severing his arm. [1]

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Comics Edit

  • Friday the 13th: Abuser and the Abused (2008)

References Edit

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