Stoner "Stoney" Gomez Zachary is a character in the film Jason X, in which he is portrayed by Yani Gellman. A student of Professor Braithwaite Lowe, Stoney attends New Harvard on Earth II and is the boyfriend of fellow student Kinsa.

Biography Edit

In 2455, Stoney, along with several fellow students and ex-military grunts, goes on a field trip to Earth from Earth II on the spaceship The Grendel. Remaining on The Grendel while Lowe leads a team down to Earth, both Stoney and Kinsa, when Lowe returns to The Grendel with two cryogenically frozen bodies, has his assistant Adrienne Hart find Stoney and Kinsa and have them help her examine one of the bodies (the frozen Jason Voorhees). [1]

Going to Lab Two of The Grendel, Stoney and Kinsa, as Adrienne sends data on her scans of Jason to Lowe, grope each other and flirt nonstop instead of helping. Becoming increasingly annoyed by Stoney and Kinsa's lack of focus, Adrienne angrily tells them to go, which Stoney and Kinsa happily do. Going to his room, Stoney and Kinsa proceed to have sex. [1]

Jason-x stony

Stoney´s Death at hands of Jason Vorhees

Shortly after having sex and redressing, Stoney and Kinsa hear The Grendel alarm ring and an announcement ordering everyone to go to Lab One. Getting up, Stoney begins heading toward the door, telling Kinsa to hurry when she tells him she is not ready. After opening the door, Stoney is impaled by the revived Jason's machete, splattering blood all over the terrified Kinsa's face. He turns around and faces the panicking Kinsa while Jason tears his machete out of his body blade first before grabbing him by the neck and dragging him away.

He is Jason Voorhees' 119th victim.

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  • Jason X (2001)

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  • Jason X (2005)

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