Theodore "Ted" Bowen is a character in the film Friday the 13th Part 2.


In the summer of 1984, when Paul Holt opens a camp counselor training center in the Packanack Lodge near Crystal Lake, Ted decides to attend, arranging to have his out-of-town friends Jeff and Sandra Dier pick him up. Called by Jeff for directions at one point, Ted, to make sure his friends reach him in a timely manner, has local gas station owner Max do him a favor by towing Jeff's pickup truck through town. When Max arrives with Jeff's truck, Ted greets Jeff and Sandra, who were forced to chase after Max, and reveals the towing was all his idea.

While riding to the Packanack Lodge with Jeff and Sandra, Ted and his friends are forced to make a brief stop to move a fallen tree that was blocking the road. After moving the tree, Ted, after Sandra finds an old sign for Camp Crystal Lake, absentmindedly mentions the area's nickname Camp Blood. Eventually reaching the Packanack Lodge, Ted, after an orientation meeting, concocts a prank with Paul. During a night campfire where Paul tells the story of Jason Voorhees and Camp Crystal Lake to the in-training counselors, Ted jumps out of the bushes, wearing a monster mask and brandishing a spear, successfully frightening the counselors.

After a day of participating in training exercises, Ted, the second night at the Packanack Lodge, decides to go into town when Paul offers the counselors one last night of fun. Hanging out in a bar with Paul and his assistant Ginny Field, Ted, at one point, listens to a somewhat drunk Ginny ramble on about how Jason Voorhees could possibly be real and living in the forest as a kind of wild man. Like Paul, Ted dismisses Ginny's theories. Back at the cabin, in an ironic sense, Jason uses the spear that Ted had used to scare the counselors to skewer Jeff and Sandra. As the night drags on, Ted decides to stay at the bar when Ginny and Paul set off back to Packanack Lodge, leaving Ted by himself to search for an after hours place, thus surviving the entire ordeal unscathed.[1]





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