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Terri Moore was a character of Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter. She was the twin sister of Tina Moore. She joins the teens to the cottage adjacent to the Jarvis residence.

She is the 28th victim of Jason Voorhees.


Terri was seen bike riding with her sister Tina when she encountered the group visiting. The group was informed that it was a distance from Crystal Point.

At the lake, Tina and herself participated in the swim in she and her sister decided to skinny-dip with the others.

Later, she was in the house and was invited to dance with Jimmy and in which she does being amused at his bizarre dance moves. While her sister makes moves on Jimmy, Terri sits on the couch uninterested and Ted begins flirting with her. She becomes irritated and wants to go home.

Terri later went upstairs and asked her sister to accompany her to go home, only to have her refuse. Fed up with her sister's promiscuous behavior, she storms out of the house and attempts to mount her bicycle, only to have Jason Voorhees emerge from the shadows and impale her with a spear.