The Wild Bunch

Chris Higgins,

Andy Beltrami,

Debbie Klein,

Shelly Finkelstein,

Vera Sanchez,

Chuck Garth,

Chili Jachson

First Appearance: Friday the 13th Part III (1982)
Location: Higgins Haven
Portrayed By:

Dana Kimmell,

Jeffery Rogers,

Tracie Savage,

Larry Zerner,

Catherine Parks,

David Katims,

Rachel Howard,

The Wild Bunch were a collection of teenagers and older people that ventured out to Higgins Haven near Crystal Lake on June 13, 1984.

Members of the unquiet group were:

Chris Higgins, Debbie Klein, Andy Beltrami, Shelly Finkelstein, Vera Sanchez, Chuck Garth, and Chili Jachson.

Biography[edit | edit source]

The Wild Bunch consisted of five eventful youths of the Crystal Lake tri-county area and two mid 20's adults of Crystal Lake. The Bunch residing along Chris Higgins at the weekend cabins for an idyllic summer of partying and other purposes. They along with a trio of Market Mobsters and a bespectacled boyfriend became the third massacre of Crystal Lake and left only one member of the group alive.

Two of which attended the same college, two of which were lifelong friends, the other a blind date invited for the trip for the solemn reason of being fixated with a fellow member and four others partners.

They were killed on Saturday, June 14th 1984 at the Higgins Haven cabin homestead and bodies stretched from the main cabin to the woods and finally when dragged the lake itself.

Means of Murder[edit | edit source]

The following horrific methods bestowed upon the rambunctious group:

  • Vera Sanchez- Harpooned in the left eye socket by Jason Voorhees
  • Andy Beltrami- Sliced in half with machete by Jason Voorhees
  • Debbie Klein- Stabbed above breast with butcher's knife by Jason Voorhees
  • Shelly Finkelstein- Throat sliced with machete (that is later on used on Andy and Ali) by Jason Voorhees
  • Chuck Garth- Electrocution with power generator grid on by Jason Voorhees
  • Chili Jachson- Stabbed in stomach with a hot fire poker by Jason Voorhees

Hard to Believe[edit | edit source]

Chris the leader of the group wasn't as ill conceived as the others and only shared her life's scars with fellow member, Debbie. Chris Higgins had encountered the Wild Bunches' killer Jason Voorhees before in 1982 in the woods surrounding Higgins Haven. She blacked out leaving her attacker Jason to believing she was dead and was abandoned and found while still unconscious and brought back and the whole shocking story of her assault covered up.

Chris convinced her friends to depart for Higgins believing she was ready to face her fears.

She was wrong and they all perished save for herself leaving her severely disturbed after the horror of the deaths of her friends and the striking down of the murderer in self-defense.

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