Trent Sutton is the tertiary antagonist of the Friday the 13th reboot, in which he is portrayed by Travis Van Winkle. He is the boyfriend of the co-main protaganist Jenna, but is seduced into making a sex tape and impregnating her best friend Bree. He later becomes a victim of Jason Voorhees.


Trent Sutton was a over-privileged college student whose family came from great wealth. In the summer of 2008, Trent invited his girlfriend Jenna as well as several of his and her college friends (Bree, Nolan, Chelsea, Chewie and Lawrence) for a weekend of partying at his parents' spacious summer home.

During the drive, they stopped at a gas station to stock up on supplies and Trent makes fun of Chewie for buying condoms and asks if he plans on getting laid. Trent then has a minor argument with a man named Clay Miller. Clay had been in the area passing out missing persons' flyers relating to his sister Whitney, who had gone missing in the area six weeks prior. While Clay tried to talk with the gas station attendant, Trent rudely interrupted him, indicating that he was holding everyone up. The two exchanged brief words and parted company.

Getting back into his Cadillac Escalade, Trent brought the others to the house,which impressed everyone, especially the single best friend of Jenna, Bree. As he brings them in, he tells them to make themselves comfortable and that there are three rooms available. Trent soon gets very annoyed when the guests start to play a game that includes shotgunning a beer can and tells them that’s it’s a outside game.

Going outside with Jenna, he makes a transparent attempt to get her into bed by saying he wants to try some new exercise moves on her. Jenna seeing through it offers to hiking instead. She told Trent that he should try to be nicer to their friends.

Later on as he and Jenna are cleaning out the mess his friends made in his Escalade, Nolan and Chelsea are heading down to the lake and Chelsea invites them. But Nolan, pantomimes that he plans on having sex with Chelsea, and Trent declines" As a show of good faith, he let Nolan and Chelsea take his truck down to the boat house. When Jenna was out of earshot however, Trent warned Nolan that no one was allowed to drive his boat (a rule that Nolan was only too willing to disobey).

Later, Clay Miller turned up at the house as he continued to pass out flyers. He didn't realize that the house belonged to the same people whom he had seen earlier at the gas station. Trent sees this just as Bree comes along and welcomes Clay with a beer but Trent tells him he can’t have and gets into another argument with Clay and unknowlingly impresses Bree. Jenna took pity on Clay and elected to accompany him on his search for his sister. As Jenna left, Bree gives Trent the beer she offered Clay not noticing her lustful eyes and smile.

In a attempt to seduce Trent, Bree teams up with Trent to play beer pong against Lawrence and Chewie but lose 9 games in a row despite Bree being good at the game. Despite losing, Trent refuses to shoot the boot and passes the punishment onto Bree, who can’t believe him and she passes. Chewie decides to drink out his shoe instead, disgusting everyone.

As time passed, Trent grew frustrated that Jenna had yet to return and suspected that she was cheating on him with Clay. Trent who is upset about it, doesn’t pay attention to Bree dancing seductively for him, Chewie and Lawrence. When Chewie fails to impress Bree by drinking a flaming shot and breaks a family heirloom, Trent gets upset and tells Chewie that their are tools in the tool shed and send him to go there, not realizing he is sending his friend to his doom. As Trent figures out what to do next, Bree, knowing that Trent is frustrated that Jenna hasn’t returned, walks up and seduces Trent and tells Trent to “forget about it. He‘ll Fix It.“ Bree then grabs his hand and tells him while holding up the champagne bottle she was drinking from, that they should go finish it. Trent who really wanted to have sex with Jenna, gives Bree a reluctant smile allows her to lead him away. Trent, who initially doesn’t want to have unprotected sex with his girlfriend’s best friend, decides to take the ones Chewie bought earlier at the gas station. Going back to Bree, who went to get her hand held video camera, leads Trent to the master bedroom that was meant for him and Jenna instead of her bedroom. Trent and Bree who do wantnto be bothered with their romp decide to put up a do not disturb sign Once that was done, they both decide to finish the champagne bottle Bree brought from earlier. Once that is empty, Bree surprises Trent by passionately kissing him, who returns the favor as she moves them towards the bed. As they continue to kiss, Bree begins to aggressively pull off the dress shirt Trent is wearing and pushes him onto the bed. Trent laughs about it and takes off the dress shirt that Bree was stripping off him. As he does so, Trent, who eyes haven’t left Bree watches in awe as she takes off her blue top that reveals a pink bra that can barely contain her breastS. As she mounts him, Trent leans up and they kiss again. Bree then pushes Trent down again and proceeds lick her lips as she removes her bra and tosses it at his head. Trent, who is in awe at the size of her breasts and tells her that her “tits are stupendous“ as he proceeds to grab them and squeeze them together. An estatic Bree, who knows he hers now, tells him “ wow you really know how to make a girl feel special huh!”. Trent, who is no longer reluctant about sleeping with Bree, responds by saying ”that’s what I do” as they make out again. Bree, who can feel his erection, leans back up and starts to undo his pants as if it was the Christmas present she was waiting for, as Trent urges her that “they can go. Take them off.” Allowing Bree to strip him of all of his clothing except his expensive watch, Bree removes her jeans shorts and hooks up her handheld HD camera to the flat screen in the room so she can film their romp. Trent, wanting to get back further at Jenna decides to ignore the condoms he brought and decides to have unprotected sex with Bree not realizing that this what Bree really wants.

As Bree takes the camera in her left hand, Trent decides to kiss her chest as she pushes him onto the bed and starts to ride him. Trent who is so amazed by her breasts as she rides him, grabs both of them and tells Bree that that her “tits are just so...fucking juicy dude” as she moans out “I know”. Trent who is loving her moans decides to moan with her and has he moves his hands from her breasts to her hips, notices her nipples and tells her that she has “perfect nipple placement baby “ as she moans out “oh”. As they continue to have sex , Trent finally notices that Bree is recording him, jokes to her that their video “better not go on the fucking internet,” which unknown to him, is playing into her plan of getting pregnant by him as she watches and laughs about the footage in which she tells Trent, “I‘m bad“. Bree decides to increase their pleasure by suddenly riding him harder and more intensely causing both to moan very loudly despite playing music. Trent who is completely amazed about how good the sex feels and the way her breasts bouncing all over from all the thrusting, tells Bree through his moans that she would “win, in a fucking titty contest“. As Bree looks down at Trent, she smiles knowing how much Trent is enjoying her .

Unknown to Trent, Jenna has returned with Clay, and is wondering where her boyfriend and best friend are, Lawrence tells Jenna that they went to bed together. Once Jenna finds the right bedroom, she can hear Trent’s and Bree’s moans can be heard through the door despite the music. Annoyed by this, Jenna knocks and try’s to open the door. Shocked by her return, Breegive Trent a shocked look, fearing that they won’t finish. Trent, who is annoyed about being interrupted while having sex, tells his girlfriend Jenna to “shut the fuck up” and reassures Bree that Jenna is just messing with them and that to ”ignore them” as Bree strokes his hair and face. Trent, who is continued to be distracted by Jenna is caught by surprised when Bree leans down and begins shove her tougne , picks her camera back and leans down and makes out with Trent. Trent who sees what Bree is about do, takes the remote to turn up the music and opens his mouth as their tongues meet again. Trent then wraps his arm around Bree as he proceeds to thrust as hard as possible into Bree causing both to moan as she drags her breasts up and down his sweaty chest as he thrusts. Trent finally gets Jenna to leave them alone when he moans “we’re busy in here baby,” which causes Bree to let out an estactic laugh. Trent then tells Bree to lean back up and continue filming them. As they continue, Jason Voorhees can hear their moans though a open window and goes to investigate. As he does so, he watches them have sex before he decides to head down to he tool shed to kill Chewie. Bree, who is finally tiring out and is on the verge of her orgasm, tells Trent,”Oh my god baby. I’m close. I’m close baby. I’m close.” Trent, who is surpised by her, questions her verge of orgasming asks her “yeah?” and confirms by telling him “yeah.” Trent, who can‘t hold back much longer ,tells her, “I’m close too. I got eights seconds and I’m going.” Realizing she wants to orgasm together, Trent and Bree thrust together to reach their goal. Bree then slaps her breasts against Trent’s chest multiple time in order for him to cum but is unable. Bree then leans backup and rides harder than ever as Trent who sees what is happening attempts to grab her left boob but fails dut to the bouncing then he goes and grabs it again with success. Realizing he has lasted longer than usual, Trent can’t hold his cum back any more moans out to Bree that’s he is ready “I’m about to go. I‘m going.” Not caring if he gets Bree pregnant, he lifts his hips up and give Bree one final, hard thrust that was meant for Jenna as he ejactulates strongly into Bree as she has reached her orgasm too causing her to moan. As Trent fill Bree up with his cum, Whitney who has escaped and sees them orgasMing and attempts to get their attention but can’t hear them due to their moans. Jason who has been watching the couple, captures Whitney again as Trent and Bree moan out their orgasms. Trent, who continues to spurt his semen into her, with each spurt getting less and less, gives the loudest moan of his life and he and Bree moan their orgasms together as their sexual fluids mix together. Trent, who is finally empty, allows Bree to collapse on top of him so he can take the opportunity suck on her breasts. After he is done, he slaps her on her butt so she can roll off. Once she is off him, Trent places his right hand on her crotch as she lifts her hips so she can keeps as much of his seed in her that is flowing out, causing him to give her a orgasmic cheer.

As they lay naked together, Trent who is too exhausted and usually dismisses his conquests before they can cuddle, rewards Bree by allowing her to wrap her arm around his sweaty chest as she presses her breasts against him and cuddles with him. As she does this, he brings he closer with his right arm and hold her tight. Trent with his eyes closes, brings his right hand down to her breasts and squeezes it causing Bree to smile. As he does so, Trent struggles to describe to Bree how good the sex felt, “oh baby, that...was...”Bree seeing that he is exhausted asks if it was“stupendous?” This causes Trent to laugh because of what he said about her breasts earlier during their foreplay and he agrees with her, “to say the least. Yeah.” Bree then laughs out of pure ecstasy and buries her face into his neck and nuzzles him. Trent, who has thoroughly enjoyed having sex and cuddling naked with Bree, rewards Bree by making her his new girlfriend. After they finish cuddling, Trent decides to finally get dressed and go see what Jenna wants. Bree gets up to get dressed, but Trent tells her he plans on continuing having sex with her and gives her a dress shirt to wear. As they come down, the lights are shut off and Trent angry about having his nght with Bree interrupted, angrily confronts Jenna and Clay.

They tried to warn him that a masked murderer named Jason Voorhees was stalking the area, but Trent was more concerned with bad-mouthing Clay than he was with any potential danger that might be in the area. Jenna prevented the two from coming to blows with one another.

When the group heard the tortured screams of their friend Lawrence being murdered outside, Trent tried to telephone the police. He soon realized that the lines had been cut. As it turned out, a police officer named Bracke came to the house, but Voorhees appeared and promptly murdered him.

As panic consumed the group, Trent found his father's gun and loaded it with bullets. As he continued to hear noises throughout the house, he began shooting wildly until Clay forced him to calm down. When Bree’s dead body comes falling down from the antler rack she was hung on, Trent shoot her body a couple of times. After he realized that Jason is in the house, the survivors decide to leave.

Trent went into Officer Bracke's car to use the radio, but was startled when Bree's body came crashing down onto the windshield. While Clay and Jenna ran off in one direction, Trent squealed and took off down a narrow road.

As he stumbled down the street, a passing tow truck caught sight of him and stopped. The driver motioned for Trent to come over to the vehicle, but before he could react, Jason appeared from behind and ran him through with his machete. Trent, trying his best to prevent Jason from pulling up the machete, is lifted up by Jason as the machete as been sawed up up spilling out his insides causing Trent to finally scream in pain. He then impaled Trent on a row of spikes sticking up from the back of the truck where Trent spits out a mist of blood and finally dies. The driver frantically gunned the engine and Trent's bleeding body bounced around as the vehicle drove off.


  • Trent's last name is provided in the "Additional Slashed Scenes" segment from the Friday the 13th: Killer Cut DVD. In the scene, police officers receive a 911 call from "the Sutton residence", establishing the family's surname.
  • Although Trent Sutton was designed to be unlikeable, there are also elements of humor infused into the character. During his sex scene with Bree, Trent goes on about how perfect her breasts are, calling them "stupendous" and "juicy". He also compliments her "perfect nipple placement". Later, when he is sitting inside the driver seat of a police cruiser, he emits a high-pitched squeal when he sees Bree's body come falling down onto the windshield.



Trent cuddling with Bree after sex



"Your tits are stupendous" (complimenting Bree on her breast size)

”That’s you babe.”

"Your tits are just so fucking...juicy dude" (further complimenting Bree in her breasts)

"You got perfect nipple placement baby!"

"This better not go on the fucking internet" (To Bree as she is filming themselves having sex)

"These could win in a fucking titty contest"

"Fuck off"

"They're just messing with us. Ignore them."

"We're busy in here baby" ( To his girlfriend Jenna, as Trent is having sex with her best friend Bree)


"I got eight seconds and I am going." (Trent indicating he is about to orgasm.") Killer cut v

"I'm close too." (Trent responding to Bree who is about to reach her orgasm.)

"I'm about to go. I'm going." (Trent telling Bree he is going to cum inside her)

"Oh baby. say the least yeah. (To Bree as they cuddle together after sex)

"Where the fuck are you gun"