"What does the winner get?"
―Vickie to Mark concerning Ted's games[src]

Victoria "Vickie" Perry is a character in the film Friday the 13th Part 2. Vickie attends Paul Holt's counselor training center in Packanack Lodge near Crystal Lake. She was killed by Jason when she enters Jeff Dunsberry's and Sandra Dier's room.

She is the 9th victim of Jason Voorhees.

Biography[edit | edit source]

In 1984, having worked alongside Paul Holt for at least one summer camp, Vickie travels to his counselor training center in the Packanack Lodge near Crystal Lake, where she grows attracted to fellow trainee Mark Jarvis. While at the counselor training center, Vickie learns from Paul the history of Jason Voorhees and the nearby Camp Crystal Lake and continually flirts with Mark.[1]

One night, when Paul, his assistant Ginny Field and several other counselors go into town for one last night of fun, Vickie stays behind with a few others when Mark decides too. Vickie passes the time in the main cabin by watching Mark arm wrestle with Jeff alongside Jeff's girlfriend Sandra. When Jeff and Sandra eventually leave, Vickie, left with Mark, plays some video games left behind by their friend Ted Bowen, smokes marijuana and offers Mark a "toke" (which Mark declines, saying he was "in-training"). Amongst innuendos Vickie, growing tired of games, eventually convinces Mark that they should sleep together.[1]

Going off to her cabin to get ready, Vickie returns to the main cabin to find Mark gone. Looking around, Vickie goes upstairs to Jeff and Sandra's room, and is shocked when the sack-wearing Jason rises out of the bloodied bed. Having had her leg slashed by the knife-wielding Jason, Vickie stumbles backwards into the hanging corpse of Jeff. Unable to get away, she was killed when Jason knifes her in the stomach. After killing her, Jason moves and hides Vickie's and Sandra's corpses.

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