Vinnie Manalo is a character in Friday the 13th: A New Beginning, in which he is portrayed by Anthony Barrile. A leather clad greaser, Vinnie is friends with fellow greaser Pete.

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In 1989, Vinnie, while driving through Crystal Lake with his friend Pete during the night, becomes stranded when his and Pete's car breaks down. Told by Pete to repair whatever problem the car is experiencing and to do it quickly ("Those cunts aren't going to wait all night!") Vinnie digs through the trunk of the car for tools and, finding the appropriate ones, lifts the hood of the car and begins trying to fix it. [1]

Becoming quickly frustrated with the car, Vinnie angrily tells Pete to get out of the car and fix it himself, as he is always messing around with it. When Pete does not respond to his demands, Vinnie grows nervous and begins calling out to Pete and, after several seconds of silence, is frightened when Pete honks the car horn. As Pete taunts him for being afraid, Vinnie goes back to working on the car, telling the laughing Pete after a few seconds of fidgeting under the hood to try starting the car again. [1]

After the car fails to start, Pete berates Vinnie before getting out the car and heading to the nearby woods to defecate, telling Vinnie to have the car fixed by the time he gets back. Angered by Pete leaving ("Crap my ass! Fuckin' asshole") Vinnie removes his leather jacket and goes back to working on the car. [1]


Vinnie's death at the hands of Roy Burns

As he works, Vinnie is approached by Roy Burns, who is holding a lit road flare. Believing Roy to be Pete pulling another prank, Vinnie calls out to him and begins to tell him off. When Roy does not respond to him, a confused Vinnie moves in for a closer look, and is killed when he has the flaming road flare rammed into his open mouth. When Pete returns to the car, he spots Vinnie lying face down under the hood of the car, but fails to realize his friend is dead. The next day, his corpse alongside Pete's was taken by the paramedics with Sheriff Tucker present.

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  • Friday the 13th: A New Beginning (1985)

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