Wessex Country Morgue (WCM) appeared in Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter where doctors took Jason Voorhees and the corpses of Shelly, Chuck, Debbie, Loco, Fox, Chili, Harold, and Edna, the one-eyed corpses of Rick and Vera (it is unknown if Rick's eye was still dangling out or somehow come off, either way it was also found and taken to this morgue but Vera's eye was destroyed) and the one handed corpse of Ali (and his hand) and the upper and lower parts of Andy after the events of Friday the 13th Part III.

Jason was put on a gurney and a cloth is placed over him, and put him into an ambulance and then transported him to the morgue. Suddenly, Jason, apparently alive rose up and killed a coroner named Axel by sawing his neck with a bone saw and then twisting his head in the opposite direction and a nurse named Robbie Morgan by stabbing her with a scapel and put it downwards after stabbing her. Jason then left the morgue and returned to Crystal Lake where a group of teenagers have rented a house on the shore of the lake.

  1. Coroner Axel Burns (Deceased)
  2. Nurse Robbie Morgan (Deceased)
  3. Paramedic Lainie
  4. Paramedic Vincent
  5. Jason Voorhees

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